Step 3: Constructing the Top

Cut the rest of the pieces required for the top.

4 no 820mm x 65mm x 22mm these make up the base
2 no 540mm x 65mm x 22mm long top section
2 no 560mm x 65mm x 22mm long top section
2 no 60mm x 65mm x 22mm short top section
2 no 40mm x 65mm x 22mm short top section
8 no 140mm x 65mm x 22mm upright sections

Once all the components are cut lay them out on a flat surface. I coded each piece with a number and a mark for which component attached to which. for example I drew a circle over all the joints on one section so I knew which section they were from and also where they aligned to the next piece.

I then sanded each piece as required to ensure a flush fit.
I'm really diggin this. nice clean lines and simplicity. <br>In reading the desciption it doesn't sound like the painted inside was the original plan but i really like that. its a nice modern touch to the mid centruy modern style. <br> <br>my only comment would be the legs. they don't seem as polished and refined as the top. <br>One idea is to round over the edges. Ideally if you could use a larger bit so that as the legs tapered the rounded edges would merge and become a post leg. another thought is to paint/finish the legs so that contrasts with the top. Black is my first thought but that may be to harsh. a darker stain that contrasts with the top would work or you could use the white of the interior. having some contrast would really make the top pop out that much more. <br> <br>hopefully my desciption makes sense. <br>I'm not criticising. I really dig this. just thinking out loud. <br>
thanks for your comment, my original design had turned legs that were fatter in the middle but I then went for the design I went for. to be honest it was headache enough getting these level but then another level of detail would be cool. <br> <br>When I have a better workshop (read as 'a workshop') I will revisit these and post the results. <br> <br>I think the whole piece would be better in a finer grained wood, the spalted elm looks great but is a real pain to work with you just get it looking about right and a big chunk flies off. <br> <br>Im looking at farming out some of the manufacture next time I really love the explosion in rapid fabrication that is available have you seen this <br>http://www.100kgarages.com/ <br> <br>if i was lucky enough to win the laser cutter I might set up the first 'Yorkshire Chapter' of 100k. <br> <br>btw which architect do you work for? I work for Buro Happold and I used to work for architects www.zedfactory.com
What a beautiful piece of carpentry! I absolutely love the flared legs and bowl recess. Amazing
holy snazafrats! love love love
This is amazing! Seriously gorgeous work.
thank you
I love this work. thanks. u've my vote! ;)
Thanks for your vote !

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