52 Projects for a Self Reliant Lifestyle




Introduction: 52 Projects for a Self Reliant Lifestyle

I want to create a book of 52 of my favorite self-reliance projects form my website www,tngun.com.  (birthdate 10 10 1974)

The idea is to create 52 weekend projects starting from simple projects for the beginner and progress to more complex and involved projects as the reader gains skill, confidence, and tools.

At the end of the year, the reader will have gained much more than and increased disaster resilience, but the ability to trust in themselves to solve problems in the event they are subjected to disaster.

This isn't my first book, but it is my first love, the idea for this has been floating around in my head for decades, but I finally have the confidence, tools, and knowledge to bring it to life.

With the contest winnings, not only can I get put the finishing touches on the book, but I can get it printed, and fund a small targeted book tour.



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