Picture of 52 Things I Love About You Card~
I've seen pictures of these "52 Things I Love About You" decks of cards floating around the internet all over the place, so I thought this year I would give it a try and make my own for my sweetie and share how I did it with all of you. Hope you enjoy!
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Step 1: Supplies!

Picture of Supplies!
You'll need:
1 Deck of Playing Cards
Template for the cards, you make on your own or this already made one included in this Intructable.
Hole Punch
Binder Rings or Ribbon

Step 2: Brainstorming!

Before you start, you need to make a list of 52 things that you love about whoever you are giving this to.
Things such as "Your smile!" or "Your eyes!" If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, there are plenty of helpful sites out there to get you rolling. Here are just a few:

365 Things I Love About You, By: ~Hazel-Almonds.
366 Reasons I Love My Husband, By: Bookish Penguin
100 Reasons Why I Love You, By Sandy

You can adjust any of those to be more specific to your loved one and you.

Step 3: Getting Started!

Once you have your 52 things figured out. Open up the template and write them onto each box by adding text.
Fill out the template and print it out.

Side Note: The font I used for the cover card is Felix Titling, so if you want to have a uniform looking set just use that font!

Step 4: Cutting Time!

Picture of Cutting Time!
After you have your filled template printed out, take some scissors and cut out each square, keeping them in order.

Step 5: Punching Holes!

Picture of Punching Holes!
Take your deck of cards, including the joker card and use the hole punch to punch one to two holes on one edge of each card.

Step 6: Cover Card!

Picture of Cover Card!
Take the joker card and on the back of it, glue down the "52 Things I Love About You" square onto it.
On the front or face side, glue on the "I Love..." square.

Now you have your cover card made.
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LinaY15 days ago
Hi, I just love this amazing art of work! Can you please tell me how you got the template and send me the format wording? Thanks.
aleshov LinaY6 days ago

has anyone sent you a template you can edit?

aleshov6 days ago

Has anyone actually gotten the template? If you have and you see this let me know I would like it! I cannot figure out how to edit the PDF.. if anyone has figured that out let me know!

Can someone send me the template and the word format?
JacobC101 month ago

can someone send me the word format as well!

neeliman1 month ago

Can someone email me the word format of the template plzzz

Macfalda1 month ago
Can someone please please send me the word template? I love this so much!
Cagney721 month ago

Hello, this is such a beautiful project! I tried to find a way to edit the pdf but I guess I don't have the right software. If you're reading this today, is there any way you could please send me the word template today. Today is my 5th wedding anniversary & I meant to complete this a couple months ago and forgot! Thank you so much :)

Please could someone e-mail me the word template? I want to do this for my boyfriends birthday and its really close.Thank you!
SAW5102 months ago

Can you please e-mail me the Word template? I attempted to convert it but was unable to type into it. Thank you!

Will you please send me the template so i can edit it as well?
becky.liesch2 months ago
is there a way I can get a copy of the template?

can you please send me the template for word document as soon as possible please? thank you

PaulinaR2 months ago

may I get the template in word pleaseeeee???

thank youuu

Amy5632 months ago
Please can you email me template.
please send the template as soon as possible!!!
ziggnaff made it!3 months ago

Thanks for the great idea! I glued together some scrap wood and made a cover for the cards. Used some wire to keep it all together and burnt the date in, was a very successful gift.


Could you email me the template please :)

CarlieL3 months ago

If it is possible can you email me the template?

moon_child3 months ago
Please can someone email me the template asap ? ?
curtjen3 months ago

My wife made this for me last year for Valentine's day. She made it about about 15 cards in before she gave up on the hole punching, though. She asked me to help her out with it (she knows I do better with crafts). The issue we had was with the hole puncher itself.

Best advice I can give someone wanting to do this is to get yourself a good hole punch — the cheapest one at Wal-Mart is not going to treat you very well.

Thanks for the Instructable, @Stephanefalies, and great job!

Can someone email me the template pleasee???? Thank youuu ????
Pleeaase send me these templates too . Please!
daniboo14303 months ago
Can someone email me the word template please :))
Lumusl3 months ago

can someone email me the template please??

TônN13 months ago

Someone please send me the word template :( thank you so much cause I need it so bad.

JeenashabyeB3 months ago

hello,can someone please email me the template?

penczdoori4 months ago

May I have the word template sent to ?! Thank u very much !

janey.peitro4 months ago

Can someone please email me the word template as well?? Thank you so very much!!!

I love this idea! Could someone please email me the template in a word document? Thanks so much!

TGOLDEN85084 months ago

can someone please email me the template?

thank you so much in advance!

Mabels4 months ago
May I have the word template sent to Thank you!!
RENE-L4 months ago

Does it have to be 52?

Can you send me the template in word as well? Please and thank you --

boniecka4 months ago
Can I have template in world as well pleeease
ShannonC14 months ago

Love this idea!! Could you send me the template in a word document?! :)

If someone has the template in word, can you please email it to me?!

jcampos144 months ago
all these people leavjng their email address are exposing themselves to spammers. I just thought I would let you all know
TerraR4 months ago

for everyone that wants a word document just save the pdf file and put it in this website and they will email you the word document!

Jakik535 TerraR4 months ago
What do u mean put it in this website?
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