I've seen pictures of these "52 Things I Love About You" decks of cards floating around the internet all over the place, so I thought this year I would give it a try and make my own for my sweetie and share how I did it with all of you. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies!

You'll need:
1 Deck of Playing Cards
Template for the cards, you make on your own or this already made one included in this Intructable.
Hole Punch
Binder Rings or Ribbon


<p>Could somebody plz send me the template?</p>
If anyone has got templates means then send it to me ...<br><br>pradeepraichur@gmail.com
<p>Can someone please send me the template? rutger121@gmail.com</p>
Can someone please send me the template? Lopezmanuel603@gmail.com
<p>Can somebody please email me the editable template?<br>michele.decabooter@hotmail.com</p>
Please send me the templet @ l.durning@yahoo.com
<p>I just found the way to edit the template. Download the PDF. If you have Adobe Reader, open the PDF with that. *NB: If you find that it is opening in your internet browser, right-click the download and click open with. </p><p>Once you have opened the PDF in Adobe, double click on the card that says &quot;I love...&quot;. A bar should come up called &quot;Add Text Comment&quot;. (I have inserted a picture of it). Click &quot;Add Text Comment&quot; on the far left, and then click on the next card to add your message. I suggest doing all the cards first, then exiting (make sure to save it) and then opening it back up to adjust the fit of each card.</p><p>Hope this helps!</p><p>JoJoBeanie11/ ninjamuffin2002</p><p>A Person on The Internet with 2 Usernames </p>
The template is right under step 1s picture for those who still need it
Please send me template. newbadass@gmail.com
<p>Please send me the template so that I can type inside the cards. Starting to get a little stressed out for valentines day now :/ ^.^</p><p>Kristian.myrholt@gmail.com</p>
<p>Please send me template so that ii cant type inside cards . <a href="mailto:Dlemon51@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">Dlemon51@gmail.com</a> </p>
<p>Please send me the template. :) avanlaningham1994@gmail.com</p>
Please send me the template as well!:<br>brittjohnson.1996@gmail.com
Please send me templet woodwardwj@gmail.com
<p>Can someone email the template?</p><p>afields33@gmail.com</p><p>Thank you!</p>
can someone please email the template? : shai.miles90@gmail.com
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<p>Can somebody please email me the editable template?</p><p>2mamasgirls@gmail.com</p>
Can someone please email me the template? sjohnson6514@yahoo.com
<p>did you happen to get the editable template?</p>
no - do you have it?
Can somebody please please email me the template. Thanks you xxx. maariyahsabat@gmail.com
<p>Can someone please e-mail me an editable template, please?! Thanks!</p>
<p>To convert the PDF to Word:</p><p>Save it to your computer from the first step (won't work on your web browser)<br>File &gt;&gt; Save As &gt;&gt; Microsoft Word &gt;&gt; Word Document.</p><p>Easy peasy! :)</p>
<p>Can someone please send me the template? kali_fournier@hotmail.com</p><p>Thanks!</p>
So I'm super new to this and have no idea how to get the template, if someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated lynen_paige@icloud.com
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<p>how do i add the text in the templates</p>
Can someone please email me the template <br>areefa103@gmail.com
Can someone please mail me the template! It is urgent!! Email:tejaschoudhary@hotmail.com<br>Thank you
<p>For those needing the file as a word document, here's how I did it.</p><p>Click on and download the PDF provided in the instructable, save it on your computer (remember where you've saved it)</p><p>Click on the following link.</p><p><a href="https://docs.zone/pdf-to-word" rel="nofollow">https://docs.zone/pdf-to-word</a></p><p>When this opens, click on select file. Find the PDF file that you just downloaded.</p><p>Click on START, when it has finished converting, click on the download button.</p><p>When finished, save to your computer.</p><p>Hope this helps.</p>
Hi, I just love this amazing art of work! Can you please tell me how you got the template and send me the format wording? Thanks. Lina.y1234@hotmail.com
<p>has anyone sent you a template you can edit?</p>
<p>Has anyone actually gotten the template? If you have and you see this let me know I would like it! I cannot figure out how to edit the PDF.. if anyone has figured that out let me know!</p>

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