I've seen pictures of these "52 Things I Love About You" decks of cards floating around the internet all over the place, so I thought this year I would give it a try and make my own for my sweetie and share how I did it with all of you. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies!

You'll need:
1 Deck of Playing Cards
Template for the cards, you make on your own or this already made one included in this Intructable.
Hole Punch
Binder Rings or Ribbon
Could someone send me an editable copy of the template please it would be much appreciated. <br>adamsoberon997@yahoo.com
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The template is right under step 1s picture for those who still need it
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<p>Please send me the template so that I can type inside the cards. Starting to get a little stressed out for valentines day now :/ ^.^</p><p>Kristian.myrholt@gmail.com</p>
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<p>To convert the PDF to Word:</p><p>Save it to your computer from the first step (won't work on your web browser)<br>File &gt;&gt; Save As &gt;&gt; Microsoft Word &gt;&gt; Word Document.</p><p>Easy peasy! :)</p>
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<p>For those needing the file as a word document, here's how I did it.</p><p>Click on and download the PDF provided in the instructable, save it on your computer (remember where you've saved it)</p><p>Click on the following link.</p><p><a href="https://docs.zone/pdf-to-word" rel="nofollow">https://docs.zone/pdf-to-word</a></p><p>When this opens, click on select file. Find the PDF file that you just downloaded.</p><p>Click on START, when it has finished converting, click on the download button.</p><p>When finished, save to your computer.</p><p>Hope this helps.</p>
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