One of my favorite internet people, Merlin Mann, had an episode on his Back To Work program where he talked about the idea that you only get so many Saturdays in your life. Saturdays being the days that we usually use to do fun stuff, hobbies, cleaning, things that aren't work. I liked this idea a lot and it got stewing around in my head. Eventually I came up with the idea to visualize this concept of a limited number of Saturdays. To keep the visualization manageable I thought about tracking the number of Saturdays in 10 years. 10 years from now my wife and I be in just past our mid-forties and my kids will either be in college or just out (theoretically). Other than that, who knows?

So as a concrete project, I came up with storing 10 years worth of Saturdays as marbles in a jar. Every Saturday you move a marble into a different jar.

Step 1: Find out how many Saturdays there are in 10 years

I used WolframAlpha to figure out how many Saturdays there are in the next 10 years (taking into account the vagaries of the calendar) and came up with 521. I love the natural language capabilities of WolframAlpha, it can do a lot of very cool things.

<p>Nice reminder of the value of time. I had a nice celebration with all my friends on my 10.000th bithday - meaning the tenthousandth day of my life. You turn 10.000 days when you ar 27 and a few months old, so basically noone will life up to their 40.000th birthday. Having this in mind is making me enjoy everyday even more :)</p>
<p>several people have reached 40,000 days. </p>
<p>yes, that&acute;s why i said &quot;basically noone&quot;. Theres some exeptions, but they are very very rare.</p>
<p>That's a great idea. I'm going to set a calendar reminder for my 20,000th birthday since I missed the 10,000th by a long ways. :)</p>
<p>Once you retire you're going to need much bigger jars, because everyday is a Saturday. :)</p>

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