So, there I was making my way through a local big-box store when I saw a nifty little creation and thought to myself, "Self, you can do that". And I went home and made this. Of course, after making it, it being a 550 Stick-Biner-Pen, I realized that there was the inherent problem of the writing cap. Either there was to be no cap and the ink would dry out and the ball would get dirty, or I would have to fashion some sort of cap and risk losing it every time I went into the brush.

Thus, came the evolution of the 550 Clicker-Biner-Pen. Behold its glory!

Step 1: Gathering of Your Materials

Yes, even the best of us must gather materials. No project can be started without first doing so. So, I'll give you a moment to go and gather the stuff that's on the list... Oh, you need the list, of course, well, here it is.

1. A Clicker Pen.
2. 550 Cord (A.K.A. Paracord)
3. A lighter.
4. A carabiner (optional).
5. A keyring (optional).
6. Scissors (a knife, razor, light saber, anything to cut with).
7. Forceps (optional).
8. Dremel tool (optional).

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