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Introduction: 555 Mind Mangler

About: We are a group of Engineers, Tinkerers, Designers, Programers, and Nerds ! ---- and Since April 2011 We also have a Cupcake Maker

We made a Mind Mangler out of a 555 timer chip, this creates a very high pitch humming sound that makes it very difficult to find and detect. It annoys the living life out of our victims a.k.a roomates. Visit our website at www.hm-innovations.com for additional projects.



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    Much more fun with a pot at R3 for amplitude control and a 10k pot at R2 for frequency control...you can produce a truly annoying sound by playing with these two pots!

    this would be a lot more annoying, if it only makes sound in the dark.
    LDR + traNsistor perhaps`

    I built it with a .22uf capacitor and the buzzing was a higher pitch. I also tried the 1uf cap but I liked it better with the .22uf cap.

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    I also took out R3 and it was incredibly much more louder! Next I will try a potentiometer there.

    Will this also work on 5V? and 3V?

    I have to agree with the ads, i got as far as the 3rd page, lost interest and shut the window down!

    I checked out your site. It would be really cool if it didn't have ads all over. Every time you click on something you get some sort of ad. Very annoying!

    Projects are cool though.