Introduction: 555 Timer IC/ Flasher Circuit

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How to make a simple circuit that flashes an LED using the 555 Timer IC

What you will need:
-555 Timer
-Capacitor(Different values will change the flashing speed)
-Resistors ( 1x10kΩ ,  2x1kΩ )
-5v Regulator
-9v Battery
-9v Battery Clip
-Solderless Breadboard
-Wire clippers

Step 1: First Components

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Now add the first components. Follow the pictures. We are placing the timer, battery clip, voltage regulator, and some small jumpers to do this.
Then, add two of the resistors, one of them 1k and the other 10k.

Step 2: And More Components

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Now, we'll add more components. The capacitor, 10k resistor, and the LED.

Changing the capacitor with other capacitors will change the blinking speed of the LED- So that is why I didn't specify one capacitor.
Also- large capacitors seem exciting... but it just makes your LED blink very very slowley.

Step 3: Final Components

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Now, we add a few more components to finish this off. Add A jumper connecting + to pin 8, and a jumper from pin 2 to pin 6.
Then well add a small jumper connecting gnd of the capacitor to the gnd rail. Thats it- so you can connect a 9v Battery to it and you'll see the LED start to blink. If it is really slowly blinking, replace the Cap with a smaller Cap. If it is blinking to fast, replace the Cap with a slightly larger one. (I used 100uF)


nick_rivera (author)2013-12-20

I'm sorry, but you will have to be more specific.

ReconIII (author)2013-12-18

Doesn't work

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