Almost every project that I made in my life use arduino or just atmegas, but on last electronic lesson in my school I found small integrated circuit called 555. I have heard about it before but I was thinking that microcontrollers are better. I read something about 555 in the internet and I found that this is the most popular integreted circuit in the world! And I have never used it :( I thought that it can be nice to make something completely without any programing and just with basic electronic components. I started to think what can I do with 555, but couldn't find anything intresting. Than I talked with my friend about useless machines and I thought that I can make useless machine with 555, servo, some resistors and switch. And it will be very simple and I don't need microcontroller to make it! I order some 555 on the internet and thought that I can test my design in some simulator. In school we are using electrosym but it's very old and I don't like it. But I read about circuits.io and I thought I will try it, after testing everything I can say that this program is pretty good to start with, it's simple to use and very intuitive. Additionaly it looks soooo good like every autodesk's program :)

What is useless machine? It is machine that haven't anything to do, it is just for making useless things. Like switching off switch :)

Step 1: Parts

- 555 timer I think that you can buy it in any electronics shop, this is head of our useless machine

- servo, the most popular small micro servo you can find it in RC shops or electronic, it will switch off our switch

- lever switch, it's important because we will switch it off with servo so it can't be any other type of switch

- resistors, I will tell you values in next steps

- capacitor 100nF

- diode (not LED, rectifier diode)

- batteries (1 cell lipo, or 2 AA batteries)

<p>Well it could be used to annoy the pants off someone</p>
<p>and the 555 is much cheaper than arduino. So maybe save arduinos for projects with more functions.</p>
<p>That's exactly what I thought!</p>
<p>very very nice!! I also thought of using 555 for mine. you can put in a potentiometer and always adjust the speed of your arm attached to the servo.</p>
<p>Thanks! Actually you can't adjust speed of servo with this circuit.</p>
<p>What are the resistor values and the size of the parts, I bought a bunch of servos but we have really been trying to get the resistors correct. </p>
I've had some trouble finding resistors with the same values that you have in the ible, can someone point me in the right direction?
<p>I have done such a device, and I got like this! https://youtu.be/LI3wJXQ3-wU</p>
<p>Good project, but a bit too useless for me :)</p>
<p>Maybe it is useless, but I'm still waiting for your new instructable, show me your plotter :)</p>
Plotter ready!<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Drawing-Plotter/
Working on it right now!
<p>We will see :)</p>
<p>Gee... I guess I'll take the price with totatally useless things. Haven't done this yet but, because it's so useless, anyway: a &quot;Light-switch controller in my living/ working-room, to turn On-Off them lights there randomely. Why randomely? Mostly I don't know if I'm producting something usefull or not, who can tell? So, who cares if the light is &quot;On&quot; or &quot;Off&quot;?</p>
<p>Just as useless as all the blinking led 555 timer projects but at least this is amusing too - well done</p>
<p>Yes, this is &quot;really&quot; amusing. But the &quot;Main&quot; question still remains:&quot; Do I want the switch to stay &quot;On&quot; or &quot;Off&quot;?, So actually we have to ask the switch itself, rather to be &quot;On&quot; or &quot;Off&quot;, I'll wait for the anserw from the switch, (of course you could build in some Artificeally Intelligence in the logics for the switch), but that would still be something that a person with he's own logic's put in there So, still the switch hasn't a mind of itself. So this is totally &quot;useless&quot; and fullfills them requirements of beein'g useless. Again Congrat's with a fine work, (gonna try to beat you :))</p>
<p>I'm an &quot;oldy&quot; 65+ years, took my first classes in TTL-logic's, (Transistor-Transistor-Logic, in them early 70's, (in those days there were allso logics called DTL, Diod-Transistor-Logic, and ewen RTL-logic, Resistor-Transistor-Logic). Gee.. then there came this &quot;Revolutionary &quot; 555... We were stunned??? What?? Can you do something like that with a &quot;chip&quot;, ( a chip as a component, wasn't declared then yet), the chip actually became with the first microprosessor's. I bought my first &quot;Microcontroller&quot; in early 80's. It was 1byte, (yes, 1 byte in data), and 16byte adress, (yes 16bytes). And having a total of 6, (yes, 6), different commands. I just wonder, &quot;could one create something totally useless of that in those days?&quot; Gee.. they wenth to moon with less of 1Megabyte of microprocessor power, so it could actually be called for &quot;totally&quot; useless, (that is: so what?.. been to moon so what.?). Next step: Mars? useless?? naaah.. we, (the mankind), do really need these useless innovations, they'w showed to be be them of gratest innovations of all</p>
<p>Needs a much longer delay to switch off - make it a bit more fun.</p>
<p>Yeah, and the next guy say's &quot;why not to put a delay on that?&quot;, &quot;because....... I don't know why to put a delay on a thing not doin'g what?, it still does nothing?&quot;. </p><p>Quote: can you &quot;DO&quot; doin'g nothing? Isn't that not &quot;do'ing?&quot; ?? .</p><p>Gramma: to do is a verb... (I guess), summa: this Ible does something but wan't achive some expections that our &quot;newbe&quot; society expects. </p><p>Heil to &quot;Leanardo da Vince&quot;, (my mentor, my gee....), HE WAS THE MAN.</p><p>HE WAS THE ULTIMATE innovator of the impossible. </p><p>The wery srtange thing just accourd me:</p><p>Them all these odd guys, (Arist.. Sofo.. Leonard.. Marc.. Tes.. Watt.. Volt... Amp... M'm Curie.. Einstein.. Oppenh.. etc... etc.. ), do NOT come from the USA. </p><p>And all of them had a idea of &quot;USELESS&quot; thing</p><p>Still, USA claims to be the most educated of what?</p>
<p>um, sorry old boy, hardly understood any of that.....</p>
<p>*) my bad, it should read &quot;Leonardo&quot; not &quot;Leanardo&quot;, please forgive me Leonardo.</p>
<p>There you go. Neither did them in those days living &quot;average&quot; people understand of them &quot;innovators&quot; creating totally useless things.</p>
<p>Your reply seems rather gramatically challanged. I suggest taking an English course.</p>
<p>OK. I'll take another lesson in english, (by watching another film on TV), if you promise me to take another session with your &quot;shrink&quot;</p>
<p>OK. But what is &quot;challanged&quot;?. English is my 3'd native language, how about you?, any other language's but in the world the 12'th most spoken language's, english. If we go by &quot;gramma&quot; then about 92% of in instr. are &quot;miss-spelled&quot;. I don't mind, DO YOU?</p>
<p>Yeah! Me a &quot;total&quot; fan of 555. Gee.. use the bigbrother to 555, 556, a dual 555, and make the other to be &quot;random&quot;, that is: charge/discharge/the treshold of the other depending on the delay of your toggle of the switch... reset pin 4. on 555 :)</p><p>And again: take the advantage of the recharge-pin #7</p><p>LOVE your ible</p>
<p>It's not useless, it shuts that switch off very well ! Nice job. Watch your finger, LOL.</p>
<p>Right you are. It's useful by acchiveing the function of &quot;not&quot; to be usefull. Or vice versa. A'm I usefull by writing this comment?, guess not, still, someone reads my comment. Is that usefull or not?</p><p>The Ible is Fantastic, (I'll try to come with a more useless something like ... to not &quot;breath&quot;, it's not the intake but the outbreath which is the pollunitation of the enviroement. </p><p>Phuuuh... if I don't reply to this then I succeeded with my &quot;antibreathing&quot;</p>
<p>Hi, looks like you have some corner-curling problems with your printer. Try using a brim next time. It will stick to the platform better. Just my little 2 cents... :-)</p>
<p>I don't use brim for it because it is quite big (I mean the base of it) the reason of bad corners is speed I just want to make it as fast as I can and I set my printer to 350% of normal speed</p>
<p>Your nozzle is to high from the bed. That is why you aren't getting good adhesion. Did you make you own printer?</p>
<p>Just a note for them not have used the 555. Take the advantage of the pin 7, recharge, it's an open collector output to recharge the cap/res for the treshold. </p><p>It can be used the same way as the output pin 3, thus beeing active when it's time to recharge the cap</p>
<p>*) correction: &quot;to discharge the cap/res....&quot;</p>
<p>Whats the use??</p>
<p>Gee.. ewerything that's useful is allready there for sale, BUT to create something that's NOT useful is kind of a skill of art to create something nobody else have done before. To create something &quot;not usefull&quot; takes as much of effort to create something useful... &amp; vice versa</p>
<p>You saved my day. Got a big, Fat, Good laugh. &quot;This&quot; is a real &quot;BONK&quot;, useless thing, excellent. Once upon the time there were people saying: &quot;This monster, a Automobile, what on earth do we need it for?&quot;, &quot;for god's sake we have them horses&quot;. And then there was this Italian guy &quot;Marconi&quot;, he disclaimed something stupid of to communicate electrically &quot;wireless, (via Eter),&quot;. Then them &quot;REALLY BIG guys from IBM said: &quot;the whole WORLD will do with 6, (read: six), powerful computers, say: 100MHz/ 4bit pros./ .... ++++ many other's in those days concidered constuctors of &quot;USELESS&quot; machines to be stupid.</p><p>How wrong were they???</p><p>Trust me if I say that this your 555 inspires 1000's of people, because of it's reversed logik, (in psychological matter), beeing useless, (not the 555, I LOVE it), just wait and see when someone apply's this function, (your Ible directly or indirectly into the real life, ewen as it is as simple as it can be).</p><p>Again &quot;Hurray&quot; for your contribution, (quote Neil Armstrong, (or was it Allan Sheppard? : &quot;It's a small step for a man, but a giant leap for our YOUTH of a mankind in a way of inspiration&quot;</p>
Perfectly useless !! I love it ?
<p>I have seen this before. It is a great little do nothing item. The only thing that I would do different is maybe put a few second delay in it so that the switch is shut off a few seconds after you turn it on instead of right away.</p>
<p>555's have been around since the 1970's. They're great ic's with multiple uses. I used one years ago to make a custom turn signal circuit for a dune buggy built from a VW. Google 555 timer, you'll find lots of projects.</p>
<p>It's not entirely useless. I like it.</p>
<p>Awesome job, dude, for using the classic 555 IC as an &quot;out-of-the-box&quot; solution for the Useless Machine. You got my vote!</p>
<p>Thank you so much! :)</p>
<p>there is a version of the useless machine that uses an arduino with all sorts of different ways of hitting the switch... a slow, prolonged one, a version where it shoots out really fast, one where it fakes you out. pretty cool. This one is excellent though, because it uses a 555 which is great! nice thinking &quot;outside the box&quot; sorry. had to use that.</p>
<p>Thank you so much! :)</p>
I want one but I have mno ideas how'd to moneymaker kit
I want one but I have no idea how to do it lol sorry autocorrect
<p>Yes, an Arduino is overkill for this project. But, so is a 555 timer. </p>
<p>Are you able to connect servo to this circuit? Without modification of the servo?</p>

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