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please view this for info.

it was made for someone special....little bit of electronics and craft made it possible.....
(Components : ic555, l293de, relay , a motor)

theoutput of the 555 ic has been given to the motor driver ic(l293d). then the motor driver drives the relay for both positive and negative polarity. this results into its timing clockwise and anticlockwise direction.......

next is the simple blinking of lights in heart shape using 555 in astable mode......
remember to use switches where ever required...

thanx for watching....
have fun


funkytaco (author)2013-06-30

So this is for your girlfriend? I like how creepy it is, but then again, I'm sadistic.

AJMansfield (author)2013-06-04

Why do you have a live matchstick attached to the circuit?

sumeet.barua (author)AJMansfield2013-06-08

that is just to get an extension at the top, so that i can use it as a button. you can use any other thing say a pen refill instead.

thnx for asking

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