this is my first instructable
<p>Could I hook this up to an led array I have?</p>
<p>You could use a transistor</p>
<p>9V power? can we modify the circuit to use 5V instead?</p>
<p>can you make one so you can adjust the speed with a potentiometer?</p>
Could this be done with an ldr so it would strobe in the dark and not in the day?? Instead of using a on off switch...
<p>can you use another resistor instead of the two 220???</p>
<p>yes you can :-) but increasing the resistance will make the led flash slower, and decreasing the resistance will make the led flash quicker </p>
<p>you should use a potentiometer instead then, so you can adjust the flash speed ;)</p>
Do you have a schematic diagram to go along with this. It is kind of hard to see. Also some steps would be nice. <br> <br>Thank you in advance
I hope this helps.
I agree...this looks like a simple thing I can make with extra components and I prefer looking at a schematic

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