this is my first instructable
RichardR87 months ago

9V power? can we modify the circuit to use 5V instead?

elkaddalek8 months ago

can you make one so you can adjust the speed with a potentiometer?

Could I hook this up to an led array I have?

Could this be done with an ldr so it would strobe in the dark and not in the day?? Instead of using a on off switch...
deathofme1 year ago

can you use another resistor instead of the two 220???

kris754a (author)  deathofme1 year ago

yes you can :-) but increasing the resistance will make the led flash slower, and decreasing the resistance will make the led flash quicker

you should use a potentiometer instead then, so you can adjust the flash speed ;)

jamerperson2 years ago
Do you have a schematic diagram to go along with this. It is kind of hard to see. Also some steps would be nice.

Thank you in advance
I hope this helps.
fishgodcult2 years ago
I agree...this looks like a simple thing I can make with extra components and I prefer looking at a schematic