Introduction: 557 Tyranosaur Railgun

I only built this gun so a person who was challenging my k'nex two in one gun can see my point. But still, even though some of the flimsy, it works really well. I don't expect it to win any awards, but please just try it.

Step 1: Stock

The stock is very flimsy, but it does provide some stability. You are 100% free to make your own though.

Step 2: Handle

The handle is only slightly better than the stock.

Step 3: Barrel

The barrel is actually kind of cool, in my opinion. Make it as long as you want

Step 4: Firing Mech.

It's an odd shape, but that's necessary.

Step 5: Firing Mech Braces

This prevents the firing mech from snapping off under the weight of too many rubber bands.

Step 6: Firing Mech Braces 2

This serves the same purpose as step 5.

Step 7: Put It All Together

Put it all together.

Step 8: Rubber Bands and Ammo

Attach rubber bands inside clips like so.

Step 9: Rubber Band Clips

The rubber band clips allow more bands to the gun.

Step 10: Loading and Firing

Remove the stock before loading.


mettaurlover made it!(author)2010-02-06

I'm probably going to make this, then make it sturdier and have a more compact firing mech and better stock.

An+Villain made it!(author)2009-09-04

i like it, except for the stock and handle.

X+Files made it!(author)2009-09-05

Thanks. I only made it to show dj radio here my point in an argument started by the the criticism he made on my knex two in one gun

DJ+Radio made it!(author)2009-09-06

Your point was irrelevant. By "Slingshot rail gun" I just meant any gun that used a shallow rail as a guide to slingshot a bullet out of the gun, like the sipirani.

An+Villain made it!(author)2009-09-05

oh, okay.

DJ+Radio made it!(author)2009-09-06

Now I see this was directed at me. Your point was irrelevant to what I was talking about. See your 2 in one gun, I made a new comment. As for the gun itself, it looks very bendy. Also it isn't a railgun. A railgun would be something like Jollex's 2 stage railgun.

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