Instant dolly, no equipment, just simple duct tape, and the side panel of a PC.
What do you see? A levitating piece of aluminium? Almost there!

Dot made this video with this video dolly.

Step 1: Get a flat rigid plane, here an aluminium PC side panel (structured)

Picture of Get a flat rigid plane, here an aluminium PC side panel (structured)
First of all, it is not my invention, it is just a quick way my friend Dot http://www.dotmancando.net made.
With super limited budget and time, we needed something to make a video dolly, so a plane surface with perhaps wheels (soft ones) for a smooth linear movement. The aluminium side panel of a PC was the nearest flat element at that moment... (not with the wheels of course).
dchall87 years ago
Nice job, but what does 5GPC refer to?
dchall8 dchall87 years ago
I mean 5GBP...sigh
cesar harada (author)  dchall87 years ago
GBP refers to Great Britain Pound I believe... yes my lord, this is a british instructable, the appropriate symbol hardly comes out right unfortunately, see : £. So 5 GBP = about 10USD today.
ll.137 years ago
Cool! you're still alive! =)
shooby7 years ago
Is a dolly only meant to move linearly?
cesar harada (author)  shooby7 years ago
This particular dolly is extremely basic, you may have noticed there isn't even a screw to hold the camera to the plane : the cameraman is just applying pressure on the camera to keep it in position on the dolly, and eventually add a rotation, zoom etc... If you want a more advanced dolly with multiple axis etc, you may want to transport the cameraman on the dolly itself: I'm quite sure there are some Instructables like this, I also found this one just now
with a nice rail junction-locking system. Good luck for your smooth cam moves!
Cool, thanks! I was just wondering about the technicality of the word 'dolly' with regards to this device, I'm not into film myself. Could be used to produce some fun long exposure photos though.
cesar harada (author)  shooby7 years ago
Waahh, interesting, yes definitely, I'd love to see long exposure + mouvement, nice idea, please do it !
I assumed you would put a tripod on it (and maybe tape down the legs) so the camera isn't necessarily a few inches above the surface it's moving on. That's what I'd do, anyway. If you have any similar bright ideas about how to make an uber-cheap Fig Rig, I'd love to see them as I have a major filming project coming up in a couple of months.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Now that is truly out of the box thinking (pun intended).
dotmancando7 years ago
i think the inventor is very handsome
cesar harada (author)  dotmancando7 years ago
Of course, it is Dotmancando, anything you want : Dot Man can do, and being being beautiful : yes, indeed.