Step 3: Solder

Picture of Solder
when you have figured out a way to squeeze your components together, it's time to solder.

Check the pictures to see how I did it.
How did you solder the 2 pins (for in the breadboard) on the board without using wires?

P.S.: nice soldering!
dboone6285 years ago
 Nice PSU. Could you put the switch on the Vout of the 7805 instead?
qwertyboy5 years ago
how did you solder like that? whenever i do it, the solder all clumps together onto one pad.
ktalex5 years ago
i have to take soldering lessons from u seriously my soldering sucks so much. i burn half of my projects.
That is some beautiful soldering!
baki226 years ago
good project,i need 12v dc 1000amp