Introduction: 5min Van Divider

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Trying to camp in a van? Need a break from the kids?

How about a privacy curtain?

Using three command hooks, string/twine, and a shower curtain; you're almost done!

Step 1: Attach the Anchor Points

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Stick the adhesive on the hooks, then on any secure plastic paneling around the driver and passenger seat

It's a good idea to clean the areas off before applying the adhesive sticker

Adding another anchor point above the console adds stability and height to the curtain

Step 2: Thread the Curtain

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Thread the twine or string between every hole, in a weaving manner, so the curtain folds nicely and slides along the length easier.

Step 3: String It Up

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Tie the twine to one anchor point, loop it over the center anchor point (if applicable) then tie it tight over the last hook.

Tying a perfect loop on one end can make it easier to string up and take down

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5 minute Van Divider

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Cat00x (author)2017-07-06

My van has metal "walls" and I use clip magnets to achieve the same thing. The only issue is that the magnets could damage the paint. You can cover them with a thin fabric to avoid this. Definitely a good thing to have when camping for a myriad of reasons!

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