5v Regulator





Introduction: 5v Regulator

5v volt regulator circuit which can be made from only three components, its simple, cheap and easy way to get a current up to 1A and a voltage of more than 5v can only be regulated by this circuit, this circuit can be used as a bread board power supply

Step 1: Components

1.............. L7805

heat sink ( a small aluminium plate from scrap)

1...............10uf 25v (electrolytic capacitor)

1................1uf 25v(electrolytic capacitor)

green LED (optional)

1k resistor(brown black red) (optional)

soldering iron


common circuit board

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

this is the circuit diagram of the regulator, i have added a green led in series with the 1k resistor to know whether the circuit is working, (the part is optional ) a voltage between 7v to 15v 1A current  can be given as the input.

Step 3: Steps

assemble the transistor and the capacitors according to the circuit diagram in a common circuit board 

Step 4: Conclusion

most of the mistakes are formed due to poor soldering and the mistake in connecting diodes. always double check the capacitors are connected in forward bias since it explodes when reverse biased in case of electrolytic capacitor
hope this circuit will be used by the members, and if so i will bring more circuits 

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Are ceramic capacitors able to be used for this, or do you NEED to use electrolytic?

Hey Guys I'm working on a project that electricity by walking! In this project actually I insert a Piezoelectric transducer in soles of our shoes and then convert this electricity produced from AC to DC. After converting this current to DC when I walk sometimes I get upto 31v So I would like to know if this circuit is recommended for this project and if not pls suggest me another circuit with its circuit diagram And pls Its my sincere request.

Adityan A



super great idea bro!!!

your out put is 5v andhow many ampere?

2A is a too much for such small device unless you have exactly higher voltage as same as the dropout voltage of this ic.:)

Check the datasheet of the regulator that you use as it can vary and/or find one with the required output current.

For example, you can find anything from 100mA in a TO-92 package, to 2A in TO-220, and various others in between, and probably more either side.

hello , i have 52 to 44 volts , and i want to use 5 v regulator, what size of the capacitor should i use ??

you cant either you have a 35v supply.because these linear regulators has a voltage drop across it so when Vin and Vout difference getting higher the power dissipation will be higher too.its just waste of power.you could use a buck converter. :)

The L7805 has a maximum input of 35V. You will need to reduce your voltage before applying up to 35V to the IC.

can someone help me design a specific circuit for my project. I can pay.