Picture of 5x5 LED Cube (Arduino Uno)
This is a step by step explanation of how to build a 5x5 LED cube using an arduino.  I did this project for my undergraduate electronics class and it took me about 2 weeks to complete.

Note: Apparently, some of the links for the supplies and code aren't working, if you need them send me an email at

You can find a video of the working LED cube on youtube here:

And here's another:

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Step 1: Supplies

I used and to order my materials for this project. The main parts needed are:
-125 LEDs
-30x 150 Ohm resistors
-5x 3-8 Line Decoders
-5 NPN Transistors

The manufacturer numbers and prices can be found in the attached document though the cost was about $40.

Additional required materials:
-Arduino uno
-Soldering iron
-Sturdy wire (for structure of cube)
-Insulated wires
-sockets (for decoders)

Step 2: Cube Construction

Picture of Cube Construction
Unfortunately, I have not perfected the construction of the cube.  I found this portion of the project both frustrating and painful (hot wires!). 

I began by assembling the 5 layers or planes of the cube.  This involved connecting all the cathodes of the LEDs together.  Id did this by poking 25 LEDs (about 1 inch apart) into a piece of styrofoam.  I bent all the anodes out of the way and soldered the LEDs in 5 columns and then two rows on the end (see picture). Be careful when soldering because the entire wire becomes hot and I accidently burned myself multiple times by touching the end of one of the wires.

The next step in cube construction is even trickier.  You need to connect the anodes of the LEDs in 25 vertical columns without letting any of them (or their connecting wire) touch the cathode planes.  The way I did this was leaving the top plane in the styrofoam and placing ~6 inch wires next to the anodes. I used needlenose pliers to curl the anodes into loops so that it was easier to solder. Alternate the directionality of the wires of the cathode planes for stability. See photos.
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Awesome project! Hi I'm From indonesia,Can you send me the code,schematic diagram and parts list please, I want to build it for my school project. thanks

AparV15 days ago

Please send the code at .

WivenM1 month ago

awesome project!! would you please send me the code?

oyes muy bueno Estoy tratando de construirlo. ¿Podria favor del por enviarme el Código?

y el diagrama porfa mi correo es

caleb3601 month ago

Hey, Thanks for this cool project. I am trying to build it. Would you please send me the code?

jasonkh3 months ago

Can you please email me the code for this project? Thanks

bboden4 months ago
I followed your instructable and made the cube. It works beautifully, and I have been using other peoples code, but I would like t use yours. Can you email me the code docx pleas?
AndaayPhan4 months ago

Can you send me the code as well?

hi, can I get the code ?

please send me the code to my ymail id

thank you

azamanta8 months ago

hi, can I get the code of the project led cube,

This e-mail me,

thank you

Fredaow8 months ago

Hi, would you mind emailing to me the supplies list as well as the code. Unfortunately the docx files are not accessible.



my email:

atyagi28 months ago
Hey, Thanks for this cool project. I am trying to build it. Would you please send me the code?
Dan868 months ago


This is a really neat project.

Can you please send me the code and a parts list with the exact decoder you used?



jdato8 months ago

I'm building this cube for my wife for valentines day can you please send me the code to Great project can't wait to get this up and running.

krashton19 months ago
(removed by author or community request)
icky_unicorn (author)  krashton19 months ago
Hey I actually check my instructable once a if you would like to email me the code I can post it as an alternative.
rrawat29 months ago

madam please send this project code in my gmail id .I request you to madam because i submit this project on tomorrow.

mjl088910 months ago
I suck with programming, could send an email with your code please
b990714410 months ago
I make the LED CUBE but I don't know how to program it can you send me the code to
best regards and thanks a lots
b990714410 months ago
I make the LED CUBE but I don't know how to program it can you send me the code to
best regards and thanks a lots
krashton110 months ago
I'm having troubles with this circuit. I have wired everything up exactly as you have said to do it but when I go to run the cube, all the outputs from all the decoders are high/ This gives me limited control but only over layers. All coloums are high but I can still control the transistors. I'm not sure where to go from here but I'm stuck. Any
never mind, I found out the problem to be that I just ordered any old 3 to 8 line decoders, but the ones I ordered work in reverse to these ones. They have 8 active high pins and using A0,A1,A2, you can set one of those pins to low. Make sure when buying parts, make sure you know exactly what it does.

maacc710 months ago
Can you send me the code and parts list please,, thanks
michther11 months ago
Hello could you please send me the code, Doing for micro project and can't wait to begin. Also the parts list would be helpful.
Miguel3105c11 months ago
hi this is an amazing one can you please send me all the parts and the code please my email is thanks
can you send me the code and parts list please....
icky_unicorn (author)  hassantahir2221 year ago
Sure! What's your email?
Cubytus1 year ago
I can't open your document. Can you upload it in PDF? Thanks!
icky_unicorn (author)  Cubytus1 year ago
Message me your email and I'll send it to you
Well, wouldn't it be best for everyone if it was readily included on the Intructable?
Hi I have problems with programming, you could send an email with your code please
cmaia21 year ago
Hello, my name Cleiton, I'm Brazilian, and I would love to do this project.
Until now, reading your post, I understood a lot, but since I do not know (and dislike), programming, or would like postasse send me by email the code ready, the one you posted is "forbidden", I can not access it.
Thanks in advance: D
cmaia2 cmaia21 year ago
I really need the code. > <
Can send me by email:
thank you
Amun_Ra1 year ago
Hi there, I followed your guide as best as I can but am not quite sure how to interpret the connection from the planes (Z0-Z4) in your circuit diagram. Should each plane (Z) be connected BOTH to the arduino via a resistor AND to VCC (the diagram says gound but I read that was an error)? Wouldn't that short-circuit all planes?
icky_unicorn (author)  Amun_Ra1 year ago
Hi! From the arduino ouputs, the wires for the planes should be connected to a transistor where the emitter connects to the planes and the collector is connected to the VCC. Let me know if that works.
icky_unicorn (author)  icky_unicorn1 year ago
Though, I'm still pretty sure I connected my collectors to ground.. the connection to the VCC was a correction by someone who made my project, so I'm not totally certain.
SHIFT!2 years ago
Hey icky_unicorn, just wanted to say thanks for your truly awesome instructable! Your LED Cube was the first project I ever made with arduino and it came out fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

BTW, slight correction on your circuit diagram. Z0 should actually be connected to the VCC wire. But other than that awesome!
icky_unicorn (author)  SHIFT!1 year ago
Hi! You made this correction a while ago, and I am getting a lot of questions about how the planes should be connected to transistors Ground/VCC. I made this cube a while ago and can't totally remember the set up, but I'm pretty sure I connected I connected the arduino outputs to the transistor with the emitter connected to the planes, and the collector connected to ground. You thought the collector should be connected to VCC?
Could you explain what you meant here with connecting Z0 to VCC. I think i might be missing something but if you connect Z0 to vcc you will no longer have a lead going to that ground plane and nothing lights up on that one. I tried several other configurations with vcc on the collector instead of ground but that realy didn't make much sense to me when i thought about it. Im having issues with not all of the pattern showing up, but as far as i can tell it is displaying the pattern correctly. i'm suspecting it might be the transistors
shanerm SHIFT!2 years ago
It chould be connected to the VCC wire instead of analog outbut 7? Or both? Sorry, I'm just learning all of this Arduino stuff, it's so cool though!

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