Picture of 6 Cent LED Throwie
Make an LED Throwie for 6 (six) cents - it's the cheapest Throwie ever!

LED Throwies are popular contraptions made of a battery, an LED, and a magnet all taped together. This version does not include a magnet, although it could.

This project uses the same principle as Tool Using Animal's Penny Battery and Brenn 10's Penny and Nickel Battery. It uses pennies as electrodes and vinegar water as an acid you make a battery that will power the LED.

The video that this is based on can be found here.

If you like penny batteries, you're going to love the 500 lb. potato battery.
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Step 1: Get your supplies!

Picture of Get your supplies!
For this you will need:

  • 6 pennies
  • Section of matte board or porous cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • LED
  • Tape
  • Sand paper

Step 2: Sand the pennies

Picture of Sand the pennies
Use sand paper or a sander to completely remove the copper on one side of 5 of your pennies. If you're using an electric sander please use appropriate safety gear, and do not sand yourself.

Step 3: Mix a salty acidic solution

Picture of Mix a salty acidic solution
I used mostly vinegar and a little water, then stirred salt in until it stopped dissolving.

Step 4: Soak the fabric and start stacking

Picture of soak the fabric and start stacking
Place one penny with the zinc side up, and place a piece of soaked cloth on top.

Place another penny facing the same direction on top of that.

This is one cell. Now, keep stacking to make your battery stronger.

Cap with one un-sanded penny.

Step 5: Finish it off

Picture of Finish it off
Once you've capped it, carefully tape it (if you like) and insert your LED, with the positive end on top.

The LED should light up.

It's not very bright, but then again, it's running on only six cents!
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ampeyro5 years ago
i'm spanish and we do,'t have penies, u think that could work wiyh euro cents?
Euros won't work because you need both zinc and copper plates touching to work, such as inside a penny. Euros are made from copper and steel. Oh, if you dropped the e in penies it would... be rather amusing...
Also remembering that the plural of "penny" is PENNIES, with two N's.
wow that backfired on him ;)
you know that is spanish
you have evidence
ampeyro ampeyro4 years ago
normal, i learned english with porn
Tomahawk922 years ago
What was the voltage?
baybreeze23 years ago
what if you just get a a lot of batterys and make a unicorn so you become a penquin bounty hunter of the coast of mc donalds. mmmm.. but if you do the math in youre head youll come up with 5 trolls and the divide that by burger king and youll get one half a wizard of oz and 1 fourth 4th of a dorathy, lion, tinman and a scarecrow.
I'm somewhat confused as to the meaning of this message, but I'm fairly certain there were some questionable substances used in its production.
tutdude983 years ago
so can i make bigger battery and not use coins??
bears03 years ago
AWESOME!!! i was going through some pennies and i found a 1943 steel penny.
bears03 years ago
Rule 1: Follow all rules.
Rule 2: Never have more than one rule.
Wesley6665 years ago
I sanded myself....
Smooth. :)
Get the pun?
i cant see everything
it have battery
spyguy5 years ago
Cool Idea. I do recommend TESTING YOUR PENNY (especially in CANADA) to make sure it is COPPER. to lower the cost, our government (Canada) now makes the penny out of steel and plates it with a tiny layer of copper. that copper will sand off during the cleaning of the penny. Verify it is copper with a MAGNET as a real penny will not stick Mitch
Xamith spyguy5 years ago
i read once that if the penny was solid copper it would be worth approx. 5 cents...

hmmm that gives me an idea. Get a hundred dollars in pennies and sell them at 5 cents each 5x100= $500!
then get the 500 in pennies, 5x500=$2,500
You could be a millionaire in no time!
That would never work, considering nobody has like 1.5 million in pre 1982 pennies.
True, but it would be nice if they still were solid copper.
And also no one would be stupid enough to pay you for your copper pennies in more copper pennies. "Hi, I've got $500 in copper, old pennies." "Okay, here's $500 in pennies that are worth 5 times more." "Thanks, now I want to melt these down for $2500." "Okay, here's $2500 in pennies that are worth 5 times more!" ................... :P
lol, yeah, I guess, but there are some stupid people out there...
martzsam Xamith4 years ago
If you had 100 dollars in pre 1986 pennies, and you melted them down, you could sell them for 500 dollars. But the higher you go it gets harder and harder to find more pre 1986 pennies.
KD7CAO Xamith5 years ago
Your math is off, .05 x 100 = 5.00.
aaadamaa KD7CAO5 years ago
He said $100 in pennies, not 100 pennies.
KD7CAO aaadamaa5 years ago
My mistake. Sorry.
zootboy spyguy5 years ago
Um, the idea is that the different metal inside the penny reacts with the copper to produce a charge. If it was all copper, it would not do anything. The sanding is to expose the inner zinc (in American pennies). I dunno if steel and copper react. Look up electrolytic cells for more info.
TyMan2105 years ago
What if i want to sand myself?
1.grab sandpaper 2.rub all over face 3.??????? 4.PROFIT!
omg yes, you go on 4chan dont you?

lol, epic
profit _
Rule 1 and 2.
Doesn't stating "Rule 1 and 2" break those rules?
Not if you don't know what it means.
Well I don't know what it memes.
5.) Go to hospital.
6.) Get skin graph.
7.) Tell everyone you were in a fire and saved 100 starving orphans, though you had severe burns on your face. (Sounds better than, "I was bored, so I grabbed the sander...") :)
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