6 Chic Ways to Tie a Scarf





Introduction: 6 Chic Ways to Tie a Scarf

http://www.styleunited.com/TipsAndTrends/article/6-Chic-Ways-to-Tie-a-Scarf  A scarf can make a plain T-shirt look cool, or make your neck warm when the temperature gets cool. In this video we show you how to tie a scarf. Here are five looks to do with a long rectangular scarf, and one for a large square scarf.


1. The Pull-Through Knot: After hanging scarf around the back of neck, tie a loose knot on one side. Pull the other end through the knot. Slide knot up or down.

2. Loop-and-Knot: Drape the scarf around your neck front to back, pulling ends around to the front, so the scarf is looped once around neck. With the ends, repeat steps in Knot Pull-Through.

3. Turtleneck Scarf: Drape the scarf as you did in the Loop-and-Knot. Tie the ends loosely together, and pull up the knot to hide under the section looped around the neck.

4. The Loop: Fold scarf in half. Drape around the back of the neck, and pull both ends through the loop formed by the fold.

5. The Loop Through: Follow the same steps as in The Loop, but only pull one end through the loop. With the second end, go over the top of the loop, and pull through in the opposite direction.

6. The Chic, Parisian Necktie: Fold the scarf into a triangle. Starting at the point, roll into a coil. Hand around the back of the neck. Tie a knot, left-over-right, right over-left.



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