Picture of 6 Everyday Uses for Macrame
I came across a tutorial for a simple bottle holder using basic macrame and gave it a go. Now I've been macrame-ing everything. A few lengths of cord, or twine, tied in the right knots, have a remarkable number of applications. Best of all, you don't need any hooks or needles to get started. If you have a spool of twine around, you can probably start now.
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Step 1: Bottle holder

Picture of Bottle holder
The tutorial that got me started is here. Go there first, then come back!

Of course, this covers other long, cylindrical items like umbrellas and yoga mats. You'll just need more string.

Step 2: Compression sack

Picture of Compression sack
If you like to lug a pillow, or a bulky jacket with you when you travel, this is a good, hands-free way to do it without crushing it.

A small macrame sack lashed to a pet leash is also a neat place to keep a bundle of plastic bags for walking the dog.

Step 3: Candle holder

Picture of Candle holder
For patio parties and BBQ's! Remember your basic fire safety, and handling-jars-with-fire-in-it safety.

Step 4: Kettle weights

Picture of Kettle weights
Now you can add a carry handle to the unwieldy mass you've been using in place of a dumbbell. A medicine ball is now a kettle weight! Can of apple juice? Kettle weight! Paint tins, funny-shaped rocks, sand-filled soda bottles, or kettle weights with busted handles? That's right. They're all kettle weights, now.

Step 5: Vertical garden plant hanger

Picture of Vertical garden plant hanger
The original use for macrame. You probably have some original hemp plant hangers in your attic right now. String together a whole bunch of small containers, and you've got a vertical seedling, or clipping nursery. Also a good way to use up some tin cans (pictured,) and pop bottles, while you're at it.

Step 6: Shoe bag

Picture of Shoe bag
A swell way to carry pool sandals or gym shoes without having them stinking up your backpack, or swinging wildly about.

Log onto your favorite search engine to track down some macrame hanger tutorials. I could do an Instructable on it, but there's more than enough info on it already. Don't delay! Streamline your life with macrame today!
northie5 years ago
Thanks... this is awesome.  I've been looking for a way to do this with a rock pendant for a necklace.  I can modify this to be smaller and cinch the top together... wallah!
kristinazero (author)  northie5 years ago
I've been meaning to do a macrame necklace for sometime now.  Too many projects!  If you do an Instructable on it, I'd like to see it!
8bit5 years ago
Like a minimalist transparent bag. Thanks for the ideas!
kristinazero (author)  8bit5 years ago
Thanks! You've got to love something that only requires scissors and string. And I didn't even cover the shelves and tables that people make with macrame.