Step 2: Compression Sack

If you like to lug a pillow, or a bulky jacket with you when you travel, this is a good, hands-free way to do it without crushing it.

A small macrame sack lashed to a pet leash is also a neat place to keep a bundle of plastic bags for walking the dog.
Thanks... this is awesome.&nbsp; I've been looking for a way to do this with a rock pendant for a necklace.&nbsp; I can modify this to be smaller and cinch the top together... wallah!<br />
I've been meaning to do a macrame necklace for sometime now.&nbsp; Too many projects!&nbsp; If you do an Instructable on it, I'd like to see it!<br />
Like a minimalist transparent bag. Thanks for the ideas!
Thanks! You've got to love something that only requires scissors and string. And I didn't even cover the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.grannytreasurebox.com/files/Macrame-lt-brown-table.jpg">shelves and tables</a> that people make with macrame.<br/>

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