Hello everyone I just love life hacks and I just thought of a few more to make your and mine life better. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Slip Free Hanger

Don't you always hate how your shirts and other clothing always fall of the hangers? Well nevermore with this handy trick. Put a few beadlets on the ends of your hanger and no more slip.

Step 2: No More Water in Bath Toys

If you have kids you have probably have had to throw away plenty of bath toys because of mold in them. The solution is just put a dot of hot glue in the hole & tada! it is fixed.

Step 3: Spare a Few Cents = Tap Shoes

have you or your kids ever wanted tap dancing shoes? All you need is 11 pennies a shoe (for a adult sized shoe) 9 for a smaller shoes. glue the pennies to the bottoms (Duh) You can look at the pictures for were to place them.

Step 4: Not to Many Holes

Do you like to use Tacks to post things on your wall, but hate the holes? I know I do. So here is a idea. Glue a thumb tack to a cloths pin or other clip. Then tack the clip to the wall. Then when you want to change out the picture or something on the wall you don't have to add another home. (this is also good if you don't want holes in something)

Step 5: Hang Up Your Pictures

I have a picture frame without something to hang it on the wall. So what I did was glue a pop tab at the top of the frame and voila.

Step 6: Egg Painting Patterns

A couple different ways to decorate a egg are
#1 you can glue over the eggs and then just leave it like that.
#2 You could also paint over it. it adds texture.
#3 Also once the paint drys you could peel off the glue to leave a pretty pattern.

Step 7: That All Folks

That's it I hope you enjoyed these simple life hacks & they make you're like easier and cheaper. Don't forget to vote :)
<p>Great tips!</p>
<p>these are good ideas!!! you're soooooo negative!!</p>
<p>9 shoes 11 pennies...</p>
<p>good ideas!</p>
<p>Wow these are really great tips. You've got my vote. </p><p>Trish Dee</p>
<p>Those are extremly good ideas</p>
Brilliant! I'm off to try the coat hanger thing! Thanks!
<p>hey mysterygirl995, this was my 1st time doin a video so i made one from your 6 life hacks using hot glue,i do not know if the audio is hearable but i came throu on what i said i would do enjoy!</p>
<p>At work when we make little hand held electrical gizmo boxes we connect electronics inside and solder. Then to drop proof the item we fill the cavity with hot glue around all wires connectors and space. Later it is a mess to fix a bad component but shock proofs the item.</p>
<p>Tap shoes - this doesn't really affect your idea but it's worth reading: </p><p><a href="http://message.snopes.com/showthread.php?t=84748" rel="nofollow">http://message.snopes.com/showthread.php?t=84748</a></p><p>Like the can pull as a hanger, that's great!</p>
<p>Thanks for the read.</p>
<p>love it great for the kids</p>
<p>Thanks :)</p>
Great stuff
<p>niceeeeeeeeee</p><p>gooood luck</p>
<p>I like the egg one - hard boiled, I take it, right? </p><p>The hanger one is especially good and easy</p>
<p>Yes hard boiled. Thanks</p>
<p>Id just like to add that clear silicone sealant/caulk can do all these things, with no glue gun, peels off, and probably provides a more durable bond than hot glue. Its also heat resistant to 360 degrees, at least the type I use. </p>
<p>Nice 'able, thanks!</p><p>Just one (silly!) question, if your fingers do fall off, how will you grab the glue gun? Anyway, we hope you'll never need to put that into practice... ;-)</p>
<p>I do it with my feet ;)</p>
<p>Hot glue......replacing duct tape as the fix it all for the new century. I have found the hot glue sticks very well to most plastics as I think it melts them enough to fuse with them. Also handy for electrical projects as long as you don't melt the insulation too much. Nice ideas, thank you!</p>
<p>This inspires us a lot of things, how come we never thought of it. Thanks a bunch</p>
<p>No problem</p>
<p>don forget your fingers lol</p>
LOL :)
<p>great idea i baught a small one from the art stor dont know how to use the soildering gun but hey good ideas id glue the hangers o the the shelf so they dont rock when taking clothes off</p>
<p>Great ideas. I'd like to see more....</p><p>Thank </p><p>you...</p>
<p>Here are some more life hacks </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/10-Life-Hacks-Using-Rubber-Bands/" rel="nofollow">Life Hacks with Rubber Bands</a></p>
<p>Great to see somebody is thinking. Please keep those ideas coming and Thank You</p>
<p>Thanks. No problem</p>
<p>Good ideas, will share the pop tab with my art class</p>
<p>Also diffusers for light, like on top of an LED.</p>
<p>like the idea for the LED lights</p>
<p>great ideas, &amp; the <strong>tap sneakers</strong> crack me up<strong>!</strong>! <strong>x^D</strong></p>
Glad you liked it :D
<p>Nice ideas! However, I don't think hot gluing a pop tap on a frame will hold the weight</p>
<p><strong>you're cute, mikki, but you should crop that person out of the foto!</strong></p>
<p>If the frame is heavy or you're unsure it would hold, you could always tap a small brad into the frame and then hot glue the pop tab to it so the brad would help take some of the sheer force weight off the hot glue alone. </p>
<p>surprisingly it does though</p>
<p>I was kinda expecting a bunch of unimaginative and predictable hacks. I was very pleasantly surprised and inspired. Kudos to you mysterygirl995 :)</p>
Thank you very much :) I'm glad you like what you see.

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