Step 2: Step One

Combine the cocoa, sugar, flour and baking powder in to one of the mixing bowls.

In the other mixing bowl, add the 2 eggs and beat them. Then add the melted butter and whish until light and foamy. Once the butter and eggs are mixed well together add in the vanilla.
I hate it ,the brownie was really bad
<p>Absolutely delicious! Easy, quick to make and extremely comforting when I had an urgent chocolate craving! Yum yum yum!</p>
<p>how many servings?</p>
It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cant even tell u how delicious they were!!!!!AAAAAAUUUUUUSSSSSUUUUMMMM!!!!!!!!!
Im looking for a nice quick clean brownie recipe is this recipe quick and clean
it was delicious!
Take a look
Take a look
<p> These were GREAT! We saved this as a permanent after-dinner chocolate-craving go-to recipe. Six minutes was perfect on a 1100 wattage microwave. Made in 9x9 pan (since I didn't have a 8x8 pan) and no problems. First (perfect) batch, I used medium eggs. Chocolatey and moist, not cakey or chewy - inbetween. Amazing for a microwave recipe. I had an old recipe for microwave brownies I lost, and they were never this good! </p><p>Second batch (Day 2 - Family of five, won't last more than a day.) I was out of chips (except a few) so I used cocoa/sugar/butter substitute for chocolate chips, and was stuck using small eggs instead of medium. Thought about using 3 instead of two, but was afraid it would turn out eggy. 3 eggs probably would have been better. I'd try it now, but I'm out of cocoa :(</p><p>Sub for 1 cup chocolate chips is: 6 tbsp cocoa powder + 7 tbsp sugar + 1/4 cup butter or shortening so I put that in. A little drier and fell apart more, but if you have ice cream or whip cream that would compensate for it. Still satisfies a chocolate craving. (Not company-perfect) Cutting down on cocoa or using medium eggs may have made an improvement on texture with the chip/cocoa substitute. </p><p>If you're undecided which recipe to try - try this one. You'll be grateful. </p>
These came out quite good
These are the best brownies ever
Thank you so much for this! I fail a lot when I try to bake, but this came out perfect! &lt;3
What was the power of the Microwave that you used?
GENIUS. <br>I've never made microwave brownies before...I'm going to have to try this next week, when I don't have classes. With any luck, they'll be gone before everyone else gets home!
These look so good... I'm gonna have to make these ASAP. <br />
I am now leaving to the grocery store.
Oh my! The only thing better than brownies, is brownies in 6 minutes :D

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