How many times have you run out of drinks at the BBQ and found yourself dangerously fumbling with a 6-pack while biking back from the corner store? You need a 6-Pack Bike Holder! With 5 bucks and 10 minutes, you can make a durable lightweight strap that will carry the 6-pack for you on your bike's top tube.

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Step 1: Measure & Cut

Picture of Measure & Cut

Get a 1" roll of 2-sided velcro- this and a pair of scissors is all you'll need. Next, measure the handle cutout on a 6-pack container- mine was about 3". Cut two 3" strips to make the top and bottom bands.

To get the length of the straps right, just loop some of the velcro around your bike's top tube through the cutout on the 6-pack container. 8" seems like a good length- you'll need two of these as well.

Step 2: Assemble the Strap

Picture of Assemble the Strap

Take your two 8" straps and two 3" straps and stick them together as shown. The 8" straps loop around and attach to themselves (I think a 1" overlap at the end will do the trick). Place one 3" strap at the end of the 8" straps, and the other 3" strap so that it's directly opposite from the strap on the end. What you're trying to do is make one 3" strap rest on top tube of your bike, and the other 3" strap rest along the bottom of the 6-pack handle cutout.

Step 3: Ride off Into the Sunset (with a 6-pack)

Picture of Ride off Into the Sunset (with a 6-pack)

The 6-pack fit comfortably between my knees and was easy to ride with. The strap folds up and fits in your pocket when you're done!

buck22173 days ago

Cool now need an update for a crate/case!

DWI in the making ;-)

bstatic11 months ago
I'm Building this tho. I carry a 30 pack in my bag and a tall boy on my coozie/beer holder on my drop bars. Never can be to prepared. Ha
bstatic11 months ago
Very nice. Be careful on rough city or off road terrain. The 6 pack can tear esp with condensation.
JON-A-TRON (author) 11 months ago
Glad you guys like it, it works like a charm. Just don't get a BUI!
fred365511 months ago
This is awesome. Especially for those either too drunk to drive or those who lost their license and need to keep the party-for-1 going!!
mrandle11 months ago
I tried to hang my bottles from my handle bars last time, very poor results. This will work so much better.