Ever been struck by the beauty that you've beheld on a 6 pack holder of a beer that you've bought? Want to savor the memory of that brew? This can all be yours with the creation of a 6 pack holder coaster. Very inexpensive to make, they're great for gifts, and just down right cool.

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

For this project you will need a few inexpensive materials

-White Glue and water (or a pre-made decoupage)


-X-Acto Knife

-Electric Tape

-Packing Tape

-Clear Sealer


-Construction Paper

-And of course your 6 pack holder of choice!

-I work at a liquor store so there's oodles of them just hanging around, waiting to be transformed.

<p>Cool, I love some of the artwork on 6 packs, this is a great way to showcase it!</p>

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