6 Soldering Life Hacks





Introduction: 6 Soldering Life Hacks

I think that the soldering is one of the most important part while making a project. I have some life hacks that I use sometimes, and they makes soldering easier or clearer. These life hacks can be used in a case of an emergency, but I have some tricks even for beginners. Hope you like it, and vote on me at the Soldering Challange.

Step 1: The Cardboard Circuit

If you haven't PCBs when you're making a project you can use cardboard to replace it. Example here's this LED with the resistor, and you only need to make the holes with a needle plug the parts in then solder them together. If I'm not at home I use this life hack very frequently.

Step 2: Third Hands

You can use clothes-pegs to hold your parts fix.

Step 3: Another Helping Hand

The metal wire cutters can be great helping hands, because they hold everything strong.

Step 4: Soldering Iron Stand (less Than $0.5)

Get a very strong metal wire and follow the photos. This is a very easy to make and stable soldering iron stand. Just bend the wire in a spiral and make a rectangle leg for it. I use this in my weekend house, because I can't bring with myself the full soldering station every time.

Step 5: Cleaning the Tip

I don't like to use a sponge for tip cleaning because the low temperature of the water damages the tip. I usually take a copper wire then make a small ball (or something like that) from it then clean my soldering iron with it. Just be careful don't burn yourself!

Step 6: Heat Shrink Tube From Crasser Wire

If you need a heat shrink tube and you haven't at home you can use this easy and effective mode. Use an empty plastic tube (it's cutted from a crasser wire) and plug yur wire in. Works perfect.

Step 7: Hope You Liked It!



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So about the heat shrink tube...
I don't get where you plug the wire in...
Pls someone explain it to me

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I don't understand the third life hack, that's the main purpose of pliers...

The main purpose of pliers is to focus the force created by your hand onto an object and allow you to manipulate it without actually touching it.

Here, he uses the pliers as a third hand to hold down an object wile having two hands free for solder/wire and soldering iron.

You could add some rubber bands around the handles of the pliers to give them a stronger grip.

BTW: regarding tip 5: I replaced my wet sponge (that is dry every time I want to use it anyway) with some coarse stainless steel wool. You can get it as scratch pads for cleaning. Just get one without the soap.