This guide aims to introduce a common form that is taught to aspiring break dancers. This is the very first basic form of ground work that I learned when I started. The 6 Step is usually taught first to allow breakers to get comfortable with movements where weight is distributed to the hands as well as other parts of the body (not just feet). As an introductory form, take note to be careful and only move within your comfort zone.

You should remember that a step is defined as a movement from one location to another so the actual transition is the step rather than a pose. Keeping this in mind will allow for fluidity.

The carpet has a grid which you can use as a reference. I also used a guitar (in its case) as a reference point. You will begin and end facing the guitar as I am in the picture.

First, establish a reference point and get in push-up position. Again, a step is defined as a movement of the foot from one position to the next position.

Step 1: First Step

I'm right-handed, so I'll be using my right foot as my leading foot. The back foot refers to the other foot. The leading hand is on the same side as the leading foot.

Bring your leading foot below your back foot to cross over to the other side. While moving your foot, you will want to lift your opposite hand so that you're balancing on the leading hand.

Make sure your leg is fairly straight and you are resting on the side of your foot. (Not the ankle!)

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