6 String Tin Box Guitar





Introduction: 6 String Tin Box Guitar

 Took the idea of an altoids guitar and used some parts I had lying around. Threw a humbucker in a tin box instead of a little piezo and went for 6 strings instead of 2 or 3.

Not finished yet but she makes noise :) I need to double the wood on the neck for tension support and to keep the strings from angling so much. And I'm going to pick up some tuners from the local guitar shop and stick those suckers in so I can tune it. Might even paint it and trim up the tin some.

Plan is to open tune it and use it as a slide guitar. After I finish it I'll see about getting some video or sound going on it.



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    That is sick!!!!!!!! Even can plug it into your amp!

    instructions? please? pretty please?

    The guitar is cool, but how do you wire up a guitar humbucker to the jack? It just has 2 wires coming out of it or what? thx 4 answers

    Do you know how to make strings?

    Whoa, that's awesome.