Like I've said in my previous ible that I've made a list of 10 swirly wire jewelries, well here's the second one- 6 swirls wire ring. Making swirly patterns using wire is really easy and fun and I'm sure you'll have fun making this swirly ring :)

Go make one!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this ring you'll need:

1) Crafting wire - 18-20 gauge,
2) Crafting pliers,
3) Mandrel,
4) Ruler - to measure ring size and wire for making swirls.
I love making rings like this, however, I think this is the worst tutorial I've ever had the unfortunate luck to experience.
i made this one for my daughter she didnt want it bent
<p>Looks great! Thanks for sharing :)</p>
this is just a general post about your swirl rings in general, but... I can't stop making them!!!
<p>They look great! I always say, making swirls can be addictive!</p>
<p>I madw it with colorful wires !, </p>
<p>It looks awesome! nice work :)</p>
<p>thank you! ;)</p>
my god..!!another swirly project..but I must say..this one is a masterpiece...!! good job..
<p>Thanks sista!</p>
<p>So elegant and beautiful! I'm starting to realize that swirls are addicting...I too am making tons of them with cords :D</p>
<p>Thank you sooo much linda! yes, I've noticed that, especially love the red one from your etsy shop :)</p>
if you dont have a ring mandrel you can substitute socket wrenches and pliers to coil the wire for sizing
<p>oh, that's a good idea or you can also use anything round which happens to match your finger size.</p>
<p>Swirls!!!!! I love this ring, it is beautiful!!!!</p>
<p>more swirls to come! thanks emily :)</p>
<p>Ok, so its official now that you are going crazy over swirls ;) and this is one awesome looking ring. Great job done.</p>
<p>aha, it is! it's funny how I can't think of wire jewelries without swirls, I'm making these swirly jewelries &amp; hoping that it might help me get rid of the swirl-obsession :D don't think it's working :p </p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>looks nice :)</p>

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