Step 5: Brain Cake

I vant to eat your brains! Mwa ha ha.

Halloween isn't complete without a brain shaped food. I'm not so excited about Jello, so I used my brain mold to make two delicious cakes. I had a bunch of white chocolate left over from the ghosts and eyeballs, so I decided to use the left overs to make a chocolate covered cake. I chose red velvet of course for the bloody interior!

Using the same double boiler method I used for the eyeballs, I melted my remaining chocolate and then spooned it into the mold coating it multiple times to make a thick shell. I had prebaked a red velvet cake and once the mold was coated in Chocolate, I stuffed the cake inside nice and tight. I had made the cake more moist then usual so I could get it to reform into a brain shape.

Once the cake was inside, I covered the bottom with more melted chocolate, and stuck it in the freezer to solidify. And my cakes were ready to be devoured.

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<p>kids good</p>
I like these. Thanks for your sharing.
I love this! We do Halloween in our house the way most people do Christmas.
Oh.My.Gosh. These are fantastic! Love the hotdogs!
Thanks Forkable, those are all great!!!&nbsp; BTW&nbsp; paraffin&nbsp; wax is what makes chocolate moldable.&nbsp; Otherwise, it's runny.&nbsp; <br />
Another option would be to make a substitute chocolate with cocoa and coconut oil. Coconut oil is hard at room temperature and should allow molding.
Can you make this without the wax? I have all the other ingredients.... if needed I can get some but I'm not sure if they sell food grade wax near me.
MMMMM those look good
&nbsp;&nbsp;There is no way you could have gotten me to eat one of those finger cookies. The nails on them are freaking me out. Ewwwwwwwwwww (good job). :P
i found paraffin wax in the grocery store but nowhere on the box does it say it should/can be eaten. i'm not saying you can, but uses including waxing your iron, sealing jars, and making candles. anyway, i skipped the wax and the eyeballs are still delicious.<br /> <br /> oh, and here is an idea. instead of peanut butter and puffed rice, try this: bake a cake, let it cool, then crumble it in a bowl. add frosting and mix with your hands. form eyeball sized balls, then put in the freezer to firm. then cover them in the melted chocolate. you will love it. i guarantee.!<br />
you should have added a little red food coloring to the chocolate/wax mixture to make it pink like brains.<br />
isn't paraffin wax toxic?<br />
You can buy candy grade paraffin wax.&nbsp; I usually get the <a href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0026KXRLQ">Gulf Wax</a> brand which can be found in the grocery store, generally near the sugar and the sure gel (for making jams<br />
thank you<br />
P.S. where can i find one of those brain molds?<br />
you can get them from a Halloween supply store or you can get them online.<br />
thanks<br />
ooooh yummy! jumpertoad likey!
Any dessert that includes quotes from Ghostbusters gets an A+ from me.
The fingers are genius!
Nice job, you really put alot of time and thought into your work and I applaud you. You even managed to make it look tasty
The eye of Sauron deviled eggs are positively creepy! Love the spiders, too.
thanks! Even though the deviled eggs looked creepy and kind of gross, they were still the first to go. Never underestimate how much people love deviled eggs!

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