#6 USB Powerbank Special - DIY Kit With 18650 Li-Ion Batteries Part 1



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Introduction: #6 USB Powerbank Special - DIY Kit With 18650 Li-Ion Batteries Part 1

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It's fascinating what electronic parts and components there are out there on 'the Web' and in this video I'm sharing a few items that I purchased to stock my depleted parts drawer. Sometimes you just have to buy items when you see them so that in future projects you don't think "Doh! I haven't got a left-handed widget aligner!" when you could have bought one for (nearly) pennies from the Web. That's my excuse anyway.

And I also show the parts for an 18650 Li-Ion Power Bank kit which was great value but which ultimately gave me a bit of a headache when putting it together (more of that in Part 2, next video). However, it's all been put together now and I've been using it ever since so I still consider it good value for money as well as something of a learning experience! Well, you can't learn experience from a book (or even a video) but sometimes you can glean some background information that ensures you are prepared when you do your next project, so I hope my video is of some help to Arduinites1 everywhere.

Enjoy the video, leave comments, share, thumbs up (if you feel it merits it), be entertained and, most importantly, enjoy!

As always, Thanks For Watching!

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