Step 3: Eggstraordinary for Plants

Are you eating a hardboiled egg right now? WAIT! Don't pour out the water you used to boil it just yet!

Eggshells contain a high amount of calcium, which plants love. Let your hard-boiled-egg water cool, and use it to water your plants. They'll thank you for it - especially your solanaceous garden plants (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc.).

If you've broken a few eggs to make your french toast, be sure to compost those shells! Or, if you have a particularly straight break, consider saving the shells for seed starters. Rinse the shell halves out with warm water to remove the membrane. Poke a small hole in the bottom with a pin to allow for draining, and fill the shell with soil. Press in your seeds, which will draw in extra nutrients from the shells and grow up nice and tall!
<p>Egg whites are stem cells. Therefore, a bad burn requiring immediate medical attention (such as an explosion from a gas leak) often entails waiting for an ambulance. No need to wait. Keep raw eggs on hand and paint or smear the whites directly on the burn. There won't even be a scar. Ambulance or none.</p>
<p>I used this website to help me with my homework and my teacher was very eggsited because I said that there would be lots of puns, thanks great website and great tips, now I don't have to spend money on shoe polisher</p>
<p>Organic raw eggs are safe to eat and extremely healthy. It is only eggs from industrial farms that are dangerous. They don't want competition so they tell us that eggs (and milk) are dangerous when raw. The industrial farms are so filthy... of course they are not safe.</p><p>Check the websites that explain how extremely healthy raw eggs are and not so healthy when cooked. I have been drinking raw eggs daily for many years from farm chickens and ducks. Never a problem. Never. I feed children too, many years. Raw eggs, raw milk... the brainwash to be afraid of real food is strong but not true.</p><p>Try a smoothy with raspberries, raw eggs, cream, banana and honey (some lemon is wonderful too) for starters. Get the eggs organic, ideally from a local grass-fed animals. Many outstanding doctors, including Mercola, recommend raw eggs. Don't fall for the propaganda of fear of food. Eat and be healthy. </p>
Our &quot;girls&quot; have been egg laying machines lately; we practically beg relatives to take some eggs off our hands. But now I know some alternative ideas/purposes for them, thanks!
<p>No fair, I want to be your relatives! &quot;Home laid&quot; eggs are the best tasting and I like to have omelets and over easy sometimes. </p>
haha.. Each and every one of them is very nice... especially the names... the author really did a good job in making some wonderful titles... :)<br>
I love this site, full of useful information. I enjoyed reading all the comments almost as much as reading your instructable which is a first for me. Thanks for all the eggvice (sorry couldn't resist) and a few laughs.
Thanks so much!
I have never tried this, but I have heard of using egg white as a shampoo. Combing it through hair and letting it dry and then brushing it out is supposed to clean hair.
This may be ignorant of me but what about the risk of Salmonella? We are told to fully cook eggs before eating them. Are there any risks involved with smearing raw eggs on our face or into open wounds?
@ yggdrazill. I partially agree with you. <br> <br>IF one has &quot;open&quot; wounds or sores, AND the egg material contains Salmonella, or any other infectuous material, THEN I suspect that you could become infected. <br> <br>On the other hand, even if the egg material contained bacteria or viruses, BUT the skin to which it's applied HAS NO open wounds or sores, then there would not be a problem. <br> <br>Not being a medical scientist, this is only a layman's opinionl.
But the bacteria is killed when the water is boiled.
Well, I dont think do just because of the fact that you can dip things in raw egg yolks. My dad dips fried salami in them.
I'm just &quot;thinkin out loud&quot; here, BUT...&nbsp; IF the water in which the eggs were boiled is HIGH in CALCIUM, THEN why not bottle it [when slightly cooled], keep it in the fridg, and drink 8 ounces or so&nbsp;per day to ensure plenty of Calcium in your food intake?
I would flavour it with a little something. It probably smells and tastes a little like sulfur.<br><br>One caution is not to combine it with iron supplement. Iron and calcium cancel each other out so you won't get much of either. But, absorption of both is enhanced with vitamin C. Perhaps some orange or cranberry juice with your eggwater would be helpful.
As long as it was boiled long enough, it might be safe to drink. The risk of salmonella comes from the OUTSIDE of the egg (chicken poop), not the inside, so you would actually be making your risk greater by drinking eggshell water.
But the fact that the water has been boiled will kill off any bacteria or viruses.
Because that's probably pretty gross.
Literal LOL ^
Hi,<br><br>I hope this comment/email finds you well. I recently helped build an infographic about Amazing Egg Facts and thought you might like to use it on your blog/site. Here's a link to the infographic(http://www.jesrestaurantequipment.com/jesrestaurantequipmentblog/amazing-interesting-egg-facts/).<br><br>There's code below the IG that helps you post it, but if you need another image size or would like some help, just let me know. : )<br><br>Thanks!<br><br>~Blair<br>blairgomez13@gmail.com
u forgot macgyver's radiator fix!!!!
That does really work. They did it on &quot;Mythbusters&quot;
<br> Do you know of any dogs named Fido?<br> I think the name may have been popular during some past-period, but I can't think when...<br> <br> L<br>
MY dog is named Fido!! He's named after the zombie in the old movie of the same name (Fido). My dog is out of a black Giant Schnauzer (&quot;Tucker&quot;), and a white German Shepherd (&quot;Casey&quot;). Both parents over 100#. Fido is over 100# now and still growing. He's a big boy. Also, he loves eggs. I feed RAW eggs to all my animals. They love them and it's healthy for them. Some of them eat them shells and all (more calcium for them!). My hens lay more than I can use.
I know a zombie named Fido.
Egg whites were mixed with colors and used in the painting of Byzantine icons and wall painting. Now I understand why.<br>-.
Yeah, they used them as a base for the paint. But the egg based ones would eventually decay so then oil paints became more popular.
Actually, the egg tempera paint used egg yolk mixed with the pigments. Egg white was used to make glair, for adhering gold leaf. And the egg base colors didn't decay (you can still see them in museums), but couldn't be used on a flexible base, such as canvas--so oil was added, eventually becoming oil based paint.<br>See how useful all those art history classes can be : ) ? and by the way. . .egg tempera colors are still made and used.<br>
&quot;you can still see them in museums&quot; yea, they have survived since well be for the Egyptians were still making pyramids
Egg tempera is still vivid even in outdoor applications after centuries, according to something I read. makes me want to try it.
I painted some motifs on my room's walls with egg white natural pigment paint and they've remained there for over 7 years without decoloration... on the other side, my water based paints disappeared a long time ago.<br>I love to make things out of natural materials.<br>Excellent Instructable!<br>(Excuse me if I have any error in my text, for English is not my native language)
Use a dab egg white on a bee or Wasp sting, it will relieve the burning and swelling instantly. Apparently egg white contains an enzyme that counteracts the poison in the sting. <br> I was stung on the arm, by about 20, very hostile yellow jackets, the cook at our place busted open an egg, separated the white, wiped it on, and Wham instant relief, the next day, you could not even tell I had been stung.... Amazing...
Another little-known use for egg whites: whisk them and smooth on your face for a quick, temporary &quot;face lift.&quot;. As the water evaporates, the egg white tightens the skin. When you're getting ready for bed, just do your usual washing routine-- the egg washes off very easily.
I don't trust myself to garden yet, but I rent an apartment that has holly bushes outside. I &quot;feed&quot; them lots of other things, but I'll be sure to add egg-water to the list. Thanks!
When transplanting tomatoes, first put crushed eggshells into the hole. It will prevent blossom end rot.
ooh, great tip!! I'm planting tomatoes today. I'm going to try this.<br>
you could use a tone of them to prop your bycicle up when you next decide to be a mechanic on it.
hardboil <strong>AN </strong>egg.<br> <br> typo.<br>
Really Neezeer it's just a Typo
This way you won't be hungry even if you can't cook at all.<br>Either you'll have a nice dinner, or lots of emergency egg snacks :D
isn't it just quicker to get a band-aid? by the time the egg is hardboiled, the cut will have had millions of germs enter and blood cells exit.
Get that &quot;There's Something About Mary&quot; look, and use egg whites for 'hair gel'. I used whites one year for Halloween and it worked great!
Hey, speaking about first aid if you burn yourself while cooking the egg white is one of the best things to prevent scaring and stop the burning.
Am from India, so I know of a little ancient healing therapy which even the ARMY use!!! The egg whites upon drying get really hard. So if you have a sprain and dont know what pressure to put on the crepe bandage, you can beat an egg white and apply it-overnight. It will be a perfect crepe bandage(am an athlete too). To negate the smell use deos. You can just wash and scrub it off with warm water.
wow that's a great idea, sort of a cast? like for broken bones?
Great article! But doesn't heat encourage blood flow? A warm egg would be a good thing to use &quot;48 hours&quot; post-bruise, according to http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Bruises
for other weird things read &quot;HONEY MUD AND MAGGOTS &quot; all about medical treatments of yore and how some are now being used. Don't remember any egg things but, the title says it all and the treatments are to say the least unusual.<br><br>so put an egg in your shoe and beat a path to the library to read this book!!! Sorry I hadda , it is sooo close to Easter. <br><br>Craft item for kids take the shells as you peel hard boiled colored ones and use as mosiac tiles then can be random bits or you could saw them ( i CAN BUT i HAVE WEIRD TOYS), if your are all while then after easter buy color kits , and dye them as you go and let them really soak up the color , draw outlines of pictures let kids fill in with egg shell shards. after its done spray with hairspray to seal them.<br><br>
I really liked this instructable--thanks for writing it. I keep hens but most of these tips were new to me.

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