Picture of 6 Uses for Hair Ties (or rubber bands)
Hair ties are cheap and plentiful.  Pair them with any number of household objects for lifehacks galore!
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Step 1: Cable management Pt. 1

Some of us carry miles of charge cables.  Hitch a hair tie to each of your cables and leave it there.  When it's time to wrap it up, it's right there, ready and waiting.

Step 3: Instant changeroom hook: Hair tie + Carabiner

I get changed for my bicycle commute in this storage room.  This makeshift "hook" helps me keep my stuff off the floor.  (The carabiner would be a fine hook on its' own, but the hair tie makes it more versatile, for weird spots like this)

Step 4: Third hand: Hair tie + Binder Clip

The mighty binder clip can do even more when it's paired with a hair tie.  Here it is, holding a cookbook, and also locking my bike basket in place.

Step 6: Purse caddy: Hair tie + whatever

A hair tie on a purse strap is a quiet, unobtrusive way to keep commonly used things (like housekeys,) close at hand.

Step 7: BONUS! Hair tie!

...or you could use it as a hair tie.  But that would just be silly.