Introduction: 6’ Utility Walking Stick

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My first Instructable so be kind. This is just a work in progress that I will keep improving. My next one will be made f Bamboo.i had this idea of making a Walking Staff that could hold some fishing line , hooks, small fishing weights. Or for an emergency a small (very small ) med kit. Or (what i want to use it for ) Emergency Survival Fire starter Kit.
Also good for Geocaching . You can put your pen, pencil, and small trinkets for trade. 

Step 1: Parts

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1” ¼” X48” Wooden Dowel
12” PVC pipe-
¾” X ½” PVC bushing*
1” PVC male adapter
1” PVC Coupling
1” X ¾” PVC male adapter
1” X ¾” PVC Female Adapter
1” PVC cap

Step 2: 1st Cuts: 1” PVC Coupling

Picture of 1st Cuts: 1” PVC Coupling

1” PVC Coupling cut in to two parts.

part 1. 1/2 in cut.
part 2. 1&1/8" cut.

Step 3: Cutting the 12” PVC Pipe

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Cut the 12" PVC pipe down to 7&7/8 in.

Step 4: Glue Time

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Use a PVC Cement to glue the 7&7/8” PVC pipe,1” PVC male adapter & 1” X ¾” PVC male adapter together.

Step 5: Time for the Staff

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I glued the 1” ¼” X 48” Wooden Dowel (just could not find the right tree branch for this next time) and the 1” X ¾” PVC Female Adapter together. I added some duct tape and two small nails for more stability.

Step 6: Extras

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Now using the parts from step two, I added them to the threaded ends so that when closed it makes a clean look.

Step 7: Done.

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I added some Cork, leather wrap, and black paint to the PVC pipe. I also added some paracord and chain tot he staff.

Step 8: And I Even Made a Camera Mount

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3366carlos (author)2017-10-08


Skarin_Blackraven (author)2014-02-08

Approve if this 'ible, I do...hmm? Yes...

rosewood513 (author)2013-11-28

Very nice but may I ask, could you have used an old pool cue?

KiltedHenry (author)2013-11-26

Nice job. Do you plan to add anything to the bottom? Like a spike or something like that.

5Meats (author)2013-11-26

awesome work. the camera mount is a really great touch!

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