6 Watt Amplifier Using TDA2614


Introduction: 6 Watt Amplifier Using TDA2614

A good quality of sound is provided by this amplifier.It is powered by a dual regulated power supply which makes the circuit easy for building it uses LM7812 and LM7912 and a transformer of 12-0-12 Volt 5 Amp

Step 1: Building on Breadboard

The TDA2614 Is a SIP9 Packaged IC Which is a breadboard friendly package it is easy to build circuits from this type of IC

Step 2: Power Supply

It uses dual regulated power supply circuit uses 7812 and 7912 ic.the power supply circuit can be builded from the datasheets of this voltage regulators it is powered from a 12 volt centre tapped transformer use of capacitors is important they work as filters use of regulator ic gives a good filtered power at the output which gives a noise free sound at output

Step 3: Input to Amplifier

Use a 20K Pot to control sound.i have used Nokia Bluetooth Headset to provide input to the amplifier use a 1uF capacitor before connecting the input to the amplifier ic using a 1uF Capacitor gives good output

Step 4: Output

here at the output i have used a 30 Watt Woofer and 40 Watt Speaker

Step 5: Components List

1 x TDA2614
1 x LM7812
1 x LM7912
2 x 1000uF Capacitors
2 x 220uF Capacitors
Screw Connectors (Optional)
2 x LED (Any Color)
2 x Resistors (1K)
1 x 20K Pot
1 x 1uF Capacitor
Jumper Wires

Step 6: Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram
Use the circuit diagram as a refrence to build the Amplifier

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    Looks like the TDA2614 is obsolete now, do you have a device that can perform the same results?

    hey what was your total cost of this project

    I made it
    it works good sound quality

    this is my first instructable please comment and help me to improve

    The circuit diegram will posted soon