My mom and I used to make these when I was little.   This year she surprised me with a set of 6 pack rings and made me feel guilty until I made one for my new house.

These lovely snowflakes are created with the 6 pack "rings" that used to be found everywhere on cans and bottles.  People found out that the plastic takes like 12 million years to break down and that wildlife gets trapped in them. 

Its harder to find them now, but you can still find them on the "mini" 6 oz cans and on the plastic bottles.
This project recycles them so that you can save the environment

Step 1: Ingredents:

You will need:
1 Stapler and a stack of staples (I borrowed it from work)
24 "6pack" rings
some Krylon Paint.  I used ballet slipper
two pieces of string.
I love making beautiful things out of trash... this is great!
i love the ballet slipper color! (i have it too, i used it on handmade paper-crane ornaments for my christmas tree)
We made this at school for Christmas-- It was very nice and eco-friendly :-)
wow? is that good? bad?

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