Introduction: 6 Shot Dart Bazooka

Picture of 6 Shot Dart Bazooka

A plastic straw bazooka
capable of shooting
paper darts around 20 feet.
And with one object in mind,
See step 5 for alternate q-tip
gun version.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials

you will need
scotch tape,
about 5 straws,
and an old and/or boring

For alternate version
use super glue,
q-tips,pill bottle,
,something to cut the paperclip,
two nails,two small
wires,a 9volt battery,
and all supplies for the original
except the magazine

Step 2: Making the Ammo Cartridge

Picture of Making the Ammo Cartridge

This is the revolver style
part that houses the darts.
First,cut 6 equal sections
about 1 in. long.
Then lay them side by side
on a piece of scotch tape.
Then,make them into a circle
with the tape on the inside.
After that,put another ring
around the cartridge of
scotch tape.Then,put a straw
about 2in. long through the

Step 3: Make Barrel and Mouth Piece

Picture of Make Barrel and Mouth Piece

The barrel and mouthpiece.
Cut a 4 in. long piece for
the barrel and a 1 in.
long piece for the mouthpiece.
If you use a longer barrel it will have a better aim
but decrease power and vica versa.
Attach them to the center piece
of the ammo cartridge with scotch tape
in the order shown below.
Then assemble the final bazooka.
it should look similar to the 2nd

Step 4: Make the Ammo

Picture of Make the Ammo

Follow this link to build the darts then,cut off the back end so the tip fits the cartridge.Crush the tip of the dart and then cut it at a 45 degree angle. Or,use a warhead.use the tips of the darts you makeneedle ammo here

Step 5: Alternate Version (Q-Tip Gun)

Picture of Alternate Version (Q-Tip Gun)

make the bazooka with these revisions
and attach the q-tip gun
cut hole in side for syringe with gasoline or sure to super glue it in
place so it doesn't get blown off.
Scotch tape the barrel to the straw snd super glue or tape the barrel into the pill bottle.For ammo you can use a long paper dart with a warhead or a q-tip,the q-tip helps for target practice on the wall.

Never point this at any living thing or object that doesn't belong to you,that is why there are targets.


CrayfishYAY made it! (author)2014-02-02

Done did it.

darrenhall (author)2013-03-07

This is cool - I love instructables - what a great site.


mushroomhunter (author)2011-08-15

If, you are aiming to make this more durable, dump out the straws and scotch tape, and get some hot glue/superglue, and BIC pens.

SPYBOOM (author)2010-09-11

Where does the mouth piece go

AzNd3v1L6 (author)2008-10-21

im confused, what is the purpose of the 9-volt battery and medicine bottle? i dont understand the concept >.<

paper warrior (author)AzNd3v1L62008-10-21

The idea at it's ocnception was similar to a spud gun. Spray some hairspray into the bottle, create a spark with the 9v.

hammy10809 (author)paper warrior2009-07-25

try a sparker from a bbq lighter

grcl50 (author)2009-06-12

can you do it with paper not straws

paper warrior (author)2007-08-08

ok, ok, ok. Slide the Drum over the 3in. peice. Center it in the middle. tape the mouth peice onto one side of the drum and the barrel onto the other. Look at the finished pic for more help.

what is the drum that u are talking about?

absolute zero (author)2009-02-15

dude thats awsome. i had the idea of makeing a semi-auto dart gun, looks like you beat me to it =( by a longshot too.

toxic_117 (author)2008-02-16

is the 6 straws supposed to do anything?

peach_fart (author)toxic_1172008-12-29

there like the barrels on a revolver, they hold the ammo and line up with the barrel to fire.

peach_fart (author)2008-12-29

evil idea! soak q-tip tip in flammable substance and attach a lit candle to the end of the barrel so the q-tips catch on fire and burn things!

MisterHankie (author)2008-10-22

How is this an anti tank rocket launcher?

blugyblug (author)2008-08-21

This is great, the actual dart shooter isn't too brilliant but the idea is really good. You could easily put this idea onto a Spud Gun to make it semi-auto.

joedynamite (author)2008-04-21

wait one question??? so when you take the hairspary and put it into the pill bottle do you press a button or just wait untill it fires or what????/

joedynamite (author)2008-04-21

wait one question??? so when you take the hairspary and put it into the pill bottle do you press a button or just wait untill it fires or what????/

funwithfire325 (author)2007-10-07

i redid this im posting it with MORE instructtions

funwithfire325 (author)2007-10-07


taka21 (author)2007-10-06

ahah! greate instructable ever since i was reading the comments i figured it out! at first i didnt get it but then when you posted a comment on rotating the chamber after firing i figured it out so first you just make the chamber thing the you place the 3 inch straw inside after that theres like space at the sides of the 3 inch straw so you place the 4 inch 1 in the front and the mouth piece in the leaving some space for the top of the chamber so you can turn it!ureka!or how ever you spell it

billym1571 (author)2007-08-08

help!!! how do you put it together???

Kracka (author)2007-05-30

If you used bendie straws and added an extra join you could blow through all the straws at once and it would be like a dart-shotgun thing. It would be slightly difficult to reload though.

yellow elephant (author)2007-03-11

how do you put it together in step 3?

never mind. i got it

yellow elephant (author)2007-03-11

how do you do this? help!!!!!!!!

yellow elephant (author)2007-03-11

please help me

yellow elephant (author)2007-03-11

how do you put it together?

scaperdude (author)2007-03-02

ooooooooo thats got to hert

gunmanx (author)2007-02-16

making paper darts ar hard :(

paper warrior (author)gunmanx2007-02-17

It takes a while, but with a little practice it's brainless.

gunmanx (author)paper warrior2007-02-17

jah um i modified the darts juz now i put a tooth pik in it and som string for the stabalizers it rox!!!! lol i didnt even make the darts right i juz made a paper cone

Detonator (author)2007-02-02

All it needs is some helpful advices.

Detonator (author)2007-02-02

Chill out guys!

medevil_blowdart (author)2007-01-28

i think who ever bitches about it is just to stupid to get it wright

snakeblack8 (author)2007-01-24

Its spit ball gun for lazy poeple like me. the time it takes to turn the thing you could put them in one at a time. 'so it just looks cool '

paper warrior (author)2007-01-14

The is tape on the inside and outside of the cartridge, when you join the ends of the clip the first bit of tape will be on the inside.

namatiti (author)2007-01-14


namatiti (author)2007-01-14

what inside tape? i dont get it -_-

bigpinecone (author)2006-09-19

this thing don't work for SHIT i wasted 5 straws on ur piece of crap

thingygoboom (author)bigpinecone2006-12-30

Complete agreement with Lithboli

your 1 out of A thousand people who have seen this instructable,there is a chance that you didn't trim something or whatever just leave a note telling me what went wrong instead of complaining.

skeet (author)2006-10-17

I wonder if you could do this with pvc

thingygoboom (author)skeet2006-12-30

Yup but its a larger scale and u need larger ammo

paper warrior (author)2006-09-11

and you could stop complaining and modify it genius

i likee your attitude, and your priject :-}


did you even bother to see how it works first can you even figure it out and don't post some thing like: it works like 5/-/!t

LoneRanger (author)2006-11-07

i dont understand this...little more instruction plz.......:-)

aiden120000 (author)2006-10-26

i learnt to make theese darts in may. they are good to put on fingers and pretend to have giant finger nails. people actually pay for theeses at school

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