6 Simple Methods of Photographing Beautiful Photos of Night Scene



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Introduction: 6 Simple Methods of Photographing Beautiful Photos of Night Scene

You don't always need to turn to a photo editor after taking a night scene any more.

Step 1: 1. the Tripod Is Very Important

The first point I would like say is that for photographing night scene, a solid tripod is very important , because we usually also use a slow shutter for photographing night scene, if the tripod is shaky, the photo will be blurred, and you must adjust the photo effects.

Step 2: 2. Use M-MODE (manual Mode) to Photograph Easily

For normal handheld photographing, most of the time I will use the A-mode for photographing , so that we can effectively control the depth of field and shutter speed , but for night photographing I mostly use manual mode ( M -mode ) .
(1) First transfer to A-mode for metering light, decide the aperture value and ISO, for example, f / 8, ISO200, and the shutter is 2 seconds;
(2)Then turn to the M-mode, set the aperture to f / 8, ISO200 and shutter is two seconds, try to photograph one photo.
(3) Take a look at the effect, if necessary, refer to the histogram and determine exposure situation, if the overall scene is dim, we will usually slow shutter rather than increasing the aperture or ISO.

Step 3: 3. Change the White Balance

Change white balance is to change the color of the photo, most of the time change white balance can bring different results to your photos!

Step 4: 4. Using Large Aperture and Small Aperture at the Same Time

Photographing night doesn't have to use small aperture, although a small aperture (f / 8) will make depth deeper, but sometimes we also must use big aperture to photograph night scene, for example:
(1) When photographing very dark scenery but can't slow down the shutter - such as photographing stars, then you should use high ISO + large aperture + 30 SEC shutter, otherwise you can't photographing successfully!
(2) portable photographing - handheld photographing has restriction of "safety shutter", if the shutter is too slow, it will have the situation of hand shaking, then the aperture should be larger, sometimes increase the ISO when needed, so that scenery will not be blurred;
(3) When you want to make a shallow depth of field effect - the composition is not invariable, when photographing night scene, in addition to "big view", use shallow depth of field effect to highlight detail also can take a good photo, then we will use big aperture to do shallow depth of field! Christmas lights are good examples

Step 5: 5, Use the Slow Shutter to Photograph

Slow shutter is a very interesting and useful skill, use the slow shutter to photograph at night, we can catch beautiful car rails, star rail, Painting, and even some invisible light, we can also through the slow shutter of the camera to photograph them out, you can try to find a hill with no light, slow down the shutter, look at what you can photograph!

Step 6: 6. Use the Black Card

The method of using black card is very simple, the principle is to use unreflective black card to cover the light place in long time exposure, so that let the place of insufficient light can absorb more light, and make the environment with big difference of light also can take out the photos with average light, this technique can make photos become different and have a nice photo collage!  Have a try today!



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