This Instructable is on how to make a 6 stared ninja star out of iron/aluminum

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Step 1: Metarials

what you will need

Iron/aluminum plate
Something to cut with (Use an jigsaw with blades to cut iron or aluminum)
A Toxic pen (a pen to write on cd's)
Drill bits
sandpaper (not nessesery but recomended)
A picture of a ninja star (you can use the one from the intro)
They're not Chinese, they are Japanese. At least the "Ninja" versions.
cool man
Pretty good Make sure to harden the tips so they hold a good edge. I like to use 1/4" thick carbon steel plate for making suriken, it's strong and has some mass for throwing, but not too much.
holy. crap. and i thought i would be better off using bottle caps.