6 Under-appreciated Things About Petroleum Jelly





Introduction: 6 Under-appreciated Things About Petroleum Jelly

Every house has a jar of good ol' Petroleum Jelly. Yet this jelly is very under appreciated for all of it's great uses.

Here are a few of the most interesting!

Step 1: Loosening Stuck Drawers

Have a stuck drawer? Use petroleum jelly to prevent it from sticking and make the drawer move smoother.

Step 2: Prevent Light Bulbs From Sticking

A common problem with outdoor light bulbs is having them stick to the fixture. If this happens trying get out the bulb might end up in it breaking. Put some petroleum jelly around the threads before putting the bulb in to allow for easy removal later.

Step 3: Open Your Shower Quicker

Having a hard time rushing out of the shower? Put some petroleum jelly on your curtain rod for your shower to open it lightening fast!

Step 4: Remove Squeak From Door Hinges

A bit of petroleum jelly on a door hinge can take away that annoying squeak. Then you can sneak around your home effectively.

Step 5: Starting a Fire

You can use petroleum jelly to help you start a fire. It works pretty well with stuff that is having a hard time starting.

Step 6: Replacement ChapStick

If you run out of chap stick, Petroleum jelly is a great lip moisturizer. Just apply liberally to the lips and BAM no more chap-ness.



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    I just use a quick spray of WD40 on my hinges.

    And the longevity of said hinges will diminish... You should never use WD40 for that. It's not actually a 'lubricant'


    if you have Perioral Dermatitis don't use Vasaline on your face!

    It will probably trigger an outbreak.

    Good to know there are other alternatives to baby oil, cooking oil, wax and WD40 that I can use for the applications you list. I would add lubricating screws and saws to make them run smoothly. Thanks for sharing.
    I liked the fire starter, sounds great and quite simple.

    I've used soap to get wood screws to screw in better, but this sounds a lot more effective.

    All of these comments are hilarious! I think a little common sense is necessary too, along with the ideas mentioned. I'm going to go light a fire now . . . . .

    It can also help with nose bleeds. Just put some on a q-tip and rub inside your nose.

    A skin specialist recommended liberal use of petroleum jelly on the face and lips as a defence against drying cold winter winds. My horses get it slathered on their nether parts during the biting bug season. It lasts about 3 days and sure helps the horses.

    Darn, gotta keep that in mind for incoming summer on my horse >_>