Picture of 6 volt lantern battery to D cell Mod!
This instructable will show you how you can still use your 6 volt lantern when you only have D cell batteries.  A single D cell battery is 1.5 volts so 4 of them is 6 volts.  You will need an old 6 volt lantern battery,  4 D batteries,  and some materials to make a spacers.  (I used a water bottle,  some cardboard,  and some metal clothing snaps).

Step 1:

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Start by gently prying open the top of the battery case,  being carefull not to damage or tear the metal.
gicarcher2 years ago
this is a cool idea. its especially good in these days of super storms and the darn lantern goes out.
GrissleFist (author)  gicarcher2 years ago
That's exactly when I first thought of it. When the power was out and the lantern went dim, dimmer, dead!
GrissleFist (author)  gicarcher2 years ago
Thank you.
GrissleFist (author) 2 years ago
Thank you!!

The title was the hardest part.
rimar20002 years ago
Clever idea.

Should not the title be "D cell to 6 Volt battery Mod"?