Step 6: Clean Up The Oil Spill

Picture of Clean Up The Oil Spill
Baking soda, when it reacts with oil turns into soap! What a better way to clean up the oil spill then to pour millions of gallons of baking soda into the gulf. If this actually would work, you would definitely get a date.

(Warning, please don't pour baking soda into the gulf, i don't really know if it will help)

I hope these quick tips help you get more dates then you could ever Imagine!
For the record, baking soda and crude oil do not form soap. It's baking soda and vegetable oil (or animal fat) that makes soap.

Another use you could have included was sprinkling baking soda on your carpet and hoovering it out to deodorise it (rather like your shoes). Makes your house smell clean.
t8rtot5 years ago
then ≠ than
which is why he wrote than and not then.
No, he wrote "then"
"I hope these quick tips help you get more dates *then* you could ever Imagine!"
"Then" is an adverb. "Than" is a conjunction.

"It (then) is never equivalent to or synonymous with the conjunction 'than'"-wiki

"Imagine" should also not be capitalised.

No offence to the writer of the Instructable; I enjoyed it a lot. I also learned a new method to battle ants, which I have a pet-hate for. I just enjoy a discussion on grammar :)
Wow what was I thinking? Why did I think he wrote "than"? lol
sokay, everyone has stupid moments ;)
Are you a grammar teacher or something?
haha just pour tons of baking sod ainto the gulf and u will get a date!
soda into sorry
red-king5 years ago
it would work better than what they've been doing...
Isn't that the truth!

I just realized as I'm typing this its been almost a year since you posted this...
leskvon4 years ago
Wish there was a like Button ((~*~* LIKE *~*~))
IzBisch5 years ago
instructablier (its late) to the gulf with a clean grill a date and a metric s#$t load of baking soda each ... instructables saves the universe yet again.... to be continued
Kryptonite5 years ago
Awesome instructable! Quick and to the point.