(60ft shot) single shot gun

Step 1: Make These

Just make these 3 parts

Step 2: Put Them Together All Except 1

put them together plus add killerks magnum handle on but istead of grey one piece pieces use oranger conecters

Support it the way you want
the but could be a bit better though
ive made many different butts but that one was pretty comfortable
pretty good
is this all?
im going to use mclad now so ill post it soon
its cool but is this like an upgrade to killerks magnum or i cant see very well lol...
yes sorry my sister dropped the camera on concrete so i cant take pics
Cool just have knex as a keyword so more people can find it
smelly feet {<em>joke</em><br/>

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Bio: thats last gun i made it was 28 shot and jammed like 4 times in one load
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