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Step 1: Start Dropping

To do this cool science experiment we need a coin and a dropper. That's it than we can start this experiment. This experiment can be done by anyone at home easily and can watch this astonishing result.

How many drops of water a coin could hold? If this question is asked than what would be your answer. Probably you would guess fairly a very small amount like everyone does, but that's not the case. In this science experiment you can witness it yourself that this coin was able to hold a total of 68 drops. Yes, you heard it correctly don't believe it watch the video and you will know and you can even try it for yourself.

It is because of the strong surface tension property of water and cohesive nature of water due to which water doesn't get spilled easily until it becomes a huge bulk.

<p>Nice experiment. I got thousands, I used an ice cube and just sat it on the coin. :):):)</p>

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