6v Railroad Lantern Battery Emergency Lighting





Introduction: 6v Railroad Lantern Battery Emergency Lighting

Easily assembled simple emergency light. Safer than a candle (and brighter) for power outages, campsite, or automobile. Shown to me by old head RR conductor/gadgeteer.

Step 1: 6 Volt Lantern Battery....

The springs on this one are a little twanged already due to rehearsal of this instructable....

Step 2: Bulb Is a GE 502...numerous Bulbs Will Work.

These can be bought in packs of 6...

Step 3: Pull the Spring Apart to Facilitate Inserting the Lightbulb

This is the only work involved with this project. Pull the spring far enough to pop the bulb in. Can be done with fingers but needle nose pliers might be helpful. It's crucial that once inserted, the spring contacts the base of the bulb.

Step 4: Should Look Like This...

The bulb sits in the coil...

Step 5: The Bulb Itself Is the Switch...

The bulb swivels in the spring so the center touches the other battery contact. At this point you will have to pull either or both springs around to make the proper contacts so the bulb will light. Once the springs are configured, simply swivel the bulb to turn the light on or off. One moving part....Cool huh?

Step 6: Video Clip

simplicity is the essence of good design..



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    You can get them at Lowes

    Old larger flashlights have them. but, if it works i guess theres no point in getting just the battery, lol.

    6v batteries are normally available from hardware stores, camping stores, supermarkets etc.


    the good thing about these battery are that they have a nice life cycle.

    The interesting thing about these is what is inside. Most of them are just four "D" size batteries in the one easy to use carrying case. The ones I have seen would have enough room inside for the light and connector. Need to go get one now and "experiment"

    This is an old riverbarge thing for peep lights on barges stowed in fleets.Id suggest making friends with a deckhand or mate on your local river,they carry cases of these batterys and lights.Bribe items such as smokes go far but a friendly gal showing her bits as you boat by can get you a case of these real easy.Remember these boys are out there for 20-60 days with no women.Just saying ya know.

    If you want it with a focused beam, get an old reflector and knotch it out where the + spring will go and slip the center hole over the - before installing the bulb.