Introduction: #7 1/3 Iron Man Mark 42 Helmet Cardboard - DIY Abdellah - How To

Hello World !!!

I share with you my New instructable About Making Iron man Mark 42 with Cardboard

Hope You Like it !! there is 3 parts and the reste will be Upload soon !!

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jabujavi made it! (author)2016-06-15

Please, write an intire Instructable with photos and text. It isn't a place to win youtube visits. Wait until you have all part of the video and post more info... At least, the pdf template.

Abdel Projects made it! (author)Abdel Projects2016-06-16

i have the part 2 it's on youtube Channel :

jabujavi made it! (author)jabujavi2016-06-16

This isn't the way to post in Instructables.