Introduction: 7" Angle Grinder Wall Hanger

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I just got a new (to me) tool for the shop that was a royal pain to dig out every time I wanted to use it. I had no good places to store it. I wanted a wall hanger that I could make in 5 minutes. It consists of a piece of PVC pipe slit into two halves with a bandsaw or jigsaw. Then, one halve is cut into a fork. Then I put 3 countersunk screw holes into it and screwed it to the wall.

Step 1: Make Two Half-pipes

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Slitting the pipe into two halves is easier if you have a good guideline. I rolled the pipe up against the rip fence on my tablesaw and drew a sharpie marker line down the length of the tube. I rotated it 180 degrees and did it again. A jigsaw does a good job of cutting the pipe lengthwise.

Step 2: Cut a Fork Into the Half-pipe.

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Again, I drew a grace mark on the half-pipe before sawing a fork into it. Go about 1/2 way around with the cutting of the fork. i used a bansaw for this.

Step 3: Drill Countersunk Holes for Mounting on the Edge

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I used a combination drill/countersink to make my holes. I put 3 of them along the edge.

Step 4: Profit!

Screw the half-pipe to the wall and hang your grinder on it. Now it can be hung on the wall instead of plopped on the floor.


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