Button LED Input/Output Circuit




Introduction: Button LED Input/Output Circuit

In this tutorial you will learn how to do basic Arduino programming and
use an "if function". This will be done by connecting a button as an input and an LED as an output and subsequently program the LED to do different things once the button is pushed.

Components used:

•Arduino Uno

•400pts Breadboard

•LED X 1

•Resistors: 330Ω X 1

•Tactile Push Button 6mm

•Jumper Wire

p.s: Was this too easy for ya?, well its a part of a free, fully documented (programs+schematics) online course designed to get young kids into electronics, so if you any that would dig it, good pass it on?

Step 1: Using Button As a Security Feature

What if instead of an LED your Arduino was wired to a safe door. With a bit of programming you can make your button act like a passcode!

Check it out in this video



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