After getting over 100 inches of snow i decided to take snow removal to a new level. I built this for 7 dollars which is what i bought the butane for, the rest of the parts I got from around the house.

The usual disclaimer...

Build at your OWN RISK. I am not responsible for any damage to people or property caused by the use of this device.

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Step 1: Materials

  • Can of Butane http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0062YBCNW/ref=oh...
  • scrap wood; a 1*1 for the handle, 2 dowels for the trigger and the candle holder, a small piece of wood to hole the butane level with the pencil holder and a 1-2 inch wide 19 ish inch longer plywood piece.
  • a pencil holder or other container that the butane can car go into and can be drilled through.
  • rubber band, for tension on the trigger
  • tea light for the ignition.
  • lighter fluid to help the tea light stay lit in the wind.
  • Screws,nails and a nut

Step 2: Tools

  • Drill for drilling screws into handle
  • hammer for nails
  • saw for cutting wood into correct sizes
  • hot gun gun for attaching the pencil holder, bottle support and candle holder
  • fire extinguisher for Safety!
  • drill bits for drilling hole in pencil holder and trigger hole.
  • Duct tape... well because every project needs duct tape

Step 3: Main Base

The base of this project is the handle and 19 inch long plywood plank. Cut the plywood into dimensions of about 2*19. Then cut the handle a an angle you feel comfortable holding. Using duct tape to hold the pieces in place drill and or nail your screws and nails through the 19 inch piece into the handle.

Step 4: Butane Bottle Support

Using the pencil holder and reference draw a line that is one pencil holder away from the front of the flamethrower. Using hot gule gule the BBS right behind that line.

Step 5: Gas Releasing Apparatus

In the center of the pencil hole, where the tip of the butane bottom goes when it is on the main base. The hole should be big enough to fit the tip of the butane bottle through but small enough to stop the nut from going through. This way when the bot

Step 6: Trigger

To make the trigger hole use a large drill bit to make a hole behind the butane can. Make sure the hole is big enough that you can push the can all the way forward so that gas comes out. Put the trigger through the hole and put the rubber band around it and put the rubber band around the back edges of the main base for tension on the trigger.

Step 7: Candle Assembly

Cut some card board rectangles out as a base for the candle. Tape them all together with duct tape. Using more duct tape attach the candle base to the long dowel that was no used for the trigger. Then glue the candle to the candle base using hot glue. Be careful of melting wax. Using a liberal amount of hot glue attach the whole candle assemble to the front of the main base.

Step 8: Using It and Saftey

To use put in your butane can into the pencil holder. Once outsider in a clear space away from people and property light the candle a point downwards pull the trigger. You must point downwards or no butane will come out. However be careful of the flame crawly back up the stream of fuel.


  • Wear thick clothing in case of an explosion
  • Wear a helmet and goggles for head and eye protection.
  • Wear gloves to to burns.
  • Keeps buckets of water and fire extinguishers near.
  • Never point at people,animals or flammable substances.
  • Never bring into/use in public.

Please vote for me in the Burn it Contest

<p>Does this do good at melting the snow? in my experience the snow is an excellent insulator and things like propane torches don't do much to it.</p>
<p>WOW. How long does this thing run on one can of butain? </p>
<p>I dont really know but its a big can. You shouldn't have to worry about fuel because you should only keep it running for a few seconds so the can don't overheat.</p>
<p>Ok. It looks so awesome! And dangerous. ;)</p>

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Bio: I like fire and powering gadgets from the sun(which is fire too) so i guess i just like fire
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