Picture of 7 Edible Ice Cube Tray Treats

Don't be mislead by the social norm of using your ice cube tray exclusively to make ice! There are so many bite size goodies that can be made using an ice cube tray.

Follow this guide to making bite size treats :)

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Step 1: Bite Size JELL-O Snacks

Picture of Bite Size JELL-O Snacks
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Mix these bite size Jell-O snacks with fresh berries in a wine glass and you have a classy dessert to serve at a dinner party.

Ingredients: Jell-O, berries

1. Follow the directions on your Jell-O packet for preparing the Jell-O

Lets get a little fancy with these Jell-O snacks

2. Pour the mixture into the ice cube tray only filling the cubes 3/4 of the way, I used raspberry Jell-O
3. Put the tray in the refrigerator for how ever long the packet of Jell-O tells you
4. Once the Jell-O is firm add a few berries in each cube, I used blue berries
5. Make a new mixture of Jell-O and fill the tray the rest of the way, I used lime Jell-O
6. Place back in fridge until the Jell-O is firm
7. Be careful when scooping these out of the tray! I first used a knife to loosen the edges of the jello from the side of the tray and then I used a spoon to scoop the Jello-O cube out.
8. Serve a few of these in a glass with some fresh berries

Step 2: Ice POPs on at Toothpick

Picture of Ice POPs on at Toothpick
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Cool off in the summer with these tiny popsicles.

Materials: juice, toothpicks, and aluminum foil

1. Fill the tray up with your juice of choice, I used lemonade and orange juice, my two favorite juices
2. Cover the tray with tin foi, this will be used to hold the toothpicks in place
3. Poke the toothpicks through the tin foil so they are in the middle of each cube, you can check to make sure they are placed right by lifting up the tin foil
4. Once all the toothpicks are in, place the tray in the freezer, once the cubes are frozen, remove tin foil and ENJOY!
EmeraldOre1 year ago

Great ideas! They look delicious too.

lloydlurch4 years ago
Cool ideas, coffee cubes sound so good!
suayres4 years ago
You can do the same thing with tea, & the fruit-juice cubes made in step two can also be dropped in a glass of tea.
suayres4 years ago
You can do the same thing with tea, & the fruit-juice cubes made in step two can also be dropped in a glass of tea.
jehan601884 years ago
AlaXul4 years ago
I love this idea. I'm an avid coffee drinker but being summer I always add an ice cube or 2 to cool things down. The problem is the coffee gets watered down and a fan of weak coffee I'm not. Wonderful idea! Cool coffee without weakening it. BRAVO!
EvlPwnda4 years ago
Awesome ible! I use them to store homemade wheat grass juice for quick and easy shots whenever I need one
Kryptonite4 years ago
Awesome, I love the coffee version!
AlKaswa4 years ago
Psh. As if Jell-o could ever be classy.
These are awesome! Especially the chocolates.
yaya19664 years ago
u are genius! this is an awsome idea i am currently eating a mini ice lolly
Yuk @ step 1!
Rokko86524 years ago
Neat! These seem like a good idea for an easy snack for a group of people.
ac1D Rokko86524 years ago
I totally agree,
Look like a nice snack, easy to do, for a group of people.
salomon19964 years ago
these look sooooooo good! :D