Introduction: 7 Segment Display From Its Core

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This instructable is a tutorial on 7 segment display.

How to use it shown from the very first step for beginners.

Seven segment displays are used to display numbers or data in machines and industries, meters, counting, data encoding, etc.

There are two types of 7- segment displays

1. Common Cathode

2. Common Anode.

For this tutorial I have used Common Cathode Displays. Here cathode remains common for them.

Step 1: Gather Them!

1. 5V Regulated Power supply

2. Breadboard

3. 2-Seven segment displays(Common Cathode)

4. Breadboard wires

5. 100ohm Resistors

Step 2: Building Power Supply

Picture of Building Power Supply

Build the circuit and assemble the components on General Purpose circuit board as shown in circuit diagram and your power supply is ready.

Step 3: Getting Started.........

Picture of Getting Started.........

Here different positions of Led's of 7-segment displays are shown.

Here the cathode remains constant and the places for the positive supply changes. The third pin on both the sides are cathode.

Try to light them up one by one. One example is shown in circuit diagram. Try others yourself

Step 4: A Mini Project

Picture of A Mini Project

In this, we would try to create 8 on seven segment display and then by putting off middle LED, we can create 0. This we would do with the help of a switch. Circuit diagram is attached. Follow it!

Step 5: Working With Two Seven Segment Displays

Picture of Working With Two Seven Segment Displays

Try Creating "HI" on the two seven segment displays.

For this we would create "H" on 1st display. Now connect the cathodes of both the displays and connect positive supply from 1st display to other on the LED's Forming "I". Circuit diagram is also there for your help.

Try yourself something on three seven segment displays!

Step 6: Create Yor Own

Picture of Create Yor Own

Now, you are done with this tutorial.

Share your seven segment projects with me by using "I Made It!" Comment on this instructable.

Thank You!!!!


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